This is a short version of my testimony:

At 14 was born again. A year later I backslid which lasted for approx. 10 years. The night my life changed – 4am in the morning, the Lord put a thought in my head: “if you die tonight where are you going to go?”
I answered: “straight to hell”. Then the Lord put another thought in my head: “It will have to be an all or nothing decision, not half hearted!!”
Shortly after this incident I surrendered my life and soon after the Lord gave me a dream which went something like this : I found myself standing looking down at an area of open soil. I stuck my hand in the soil and pulled out a bat which had a verse on it: EPH 5.
When I woke I read the verse and the part that jumped out was the verse that declares that one should have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but reprove them.

Almost 20 years later, by his grace am still following him, been through many deliverances (that is another story)
The Lord has shown me many things regarding deception in the world and in the body of Christ.

Jesus has called us to bear fruit that will last. The fruit we show is of vital importance and only with the help of the Holy Ghost can we achieve this goal – not in our own strength and not by good works (unless directed by the Lord)…..

Love in Christ,

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