Broken family

Hello all this is my first post here. I would like to ask prayer for my family. my parents are divorced, and my sister is divorced with one kid. my sister and i live with our mom and have a great relationship with her. the problem is with our dad. its been so rough to even have a surface relationship with him. my dad has really torn apart the family especially with my sister. he has hurt her on so many ways that i know i have affected her relationship with guys and my dad still continues to hurt her (just to clarify it is not physical, its emotionally and spiritually). I know im suppose to honor my parents but its incredibly difficult right now. thanks all and God bless

What do YOU think?



  1. Dear God

    Thank you that we can bring our lives, our families to you
    Please be with this family, please bring healing and restoration of right ways of relating, please work mightily in each one.
    I especially pray for the dad, God touch this man I pray in a big way, convict him and provide him with teaching so he can learn new ways of interacting with his children. Please intervene I pray for your glory.
    Please also heal the hurts in all of them. For the sister please bring healing and help her forgive so that she can heal and move on and have good relationships with guys, I pray this God asking for you to reach into her life and bring healing to her heart and soul.
    For the one bringing this prayer request, thank you that they have brought this request to be prayed for, please encourage them and bless them, please heal them too from hurts, strengthen them in their walk with you, help them in the way you know they need it most God because you care so deeply about them and their family situation.
    For the mother, please help her too, thank you that she has a good relationship with her children, please encourage and strengthen her and grant her wisdom and peace and your grace.
    Father please bring your blessing into this family, you work in wonderful ways God and I pray this family would see you working and so be able to bring you more and more praise. Be with them each one, protecting and guiding them I pray in Jesus Name, amen.

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