Brian Houston of Hillsong praises Pope and Papacy


Brian Houston is the senior pastor of the Australian mega-church Hillsong, and the National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia. His Hillsong Conferences attract now something in excess of 25,000 people annually – many of them church leaders from around Australia and the world. Its probably way more than 25,000 by now. The music of Hillsong is extremely popular worldwide and sung by Christians everywhere. And now, Brian Houston has been praising the papacy as an institution "which is marked by a commitment to seeing the Christian message continue to go forward and people changed by the power and truth of the Gospel"

Thousands of churches seek to emulate the methods, principles and "spirit" of Hillsong in order to be like them and get the same kind of results that they do. So when Brian Houston gives a press release, we should take notice. Brian Houston is a very important and influential person in the Body of Christ, and we can't simply ignore his statements as being representative of a lunatic fringe.

Brian Houston believes that people should follow his leadership and submit to the authority of the denomination he leads. But where exactly is he leading people, in terms of their understanding of what the gospel of Jesus Christ actually is?

Hear what Brian Houston had to say in a Press Release shortly after the election of the new Pope, Benedict:


National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia, Brian Houston, has congratulated the election of Pope Benedict XVI as the leader of the world’s Catholics.

Pastor Houston said the shoes of the charismatic and endearing Pope John Paul II, who taught the world so much through his life and his subsequent suffering, would be difficult to fill.

"Pope John Paul II left an indelible mark on the world, and we pray for Pope Benedict as he takes on the leadership mantle of the Catholic Church and navigates the challenges and opportunities facing the global Church in the 21st century,” Ps Houston said.

"It is important for all of us to honour and pray for anyone in a position of leadership and authority. Pope Benedict XVI is a spiritual and experienced leader and is now head over a significant portion of the Christian community, so we will pray for wisdom in his immensely influential role,” he said.

"We pray too that this papacy, like those before it, is marked by a commitment to seeing the Christian message continue to go forward and people changed by the power and truth of the Gospel.

"Obviously, as Protestants, our views are considerably different to the Pope’s on a number of issues however, we share a common desire to exalt Christ and serve our community to the best of our ability."

Please take a look here at this PDF copy of the original press release document.

Now Brian Houston is stating that past papacies have been "marked by a commitment to seeing the Christian message continue to go forward and people changed by the power and truth of the Gospel"! Is this just flattery, or does Houston really believe this? If he believes it, then he is saying that what the Roman Catholics and the Papacy in particular have been serving is in fact THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Perhaps Brian Houston should be asked what he believes the gospel to in fact be, and whether in fact Roman Catholic popes have been preaching it.

I am not sure that the popes would be willing to return the favour and tell Brian Houston that they applaud his commitment to the going forward of the gospel. Because the popes have declared that there is no salvation outside of the Roman Catholic church, especially for schismatics and heretics.

Were all the reformers – Martin Luther, John Knox, the Puritans, Wesley and so forth, who saw the Roman Catholic Church as being the apostate harlot of the Book of Revelation – were they all wrong and is Houston right?

Is Houston saying that the way of salvation as taught by the Roman Catholic church is the "life changing Gospel"? If he is not, then why does it sound like he is?

Brian Houston teaches a lot about INFLUENCE and I think it is fair to say that he, like the Roman Catholic Church, strives to get as much as it as he can. if you go to a Hillsong Conference, you will hear lots of contradictory views what is and is not necessary in order to be accepted of God, and concerning the ways that God wants to build his church, but one thing all the speakers have in common is that they are people of INFLUENCE, who have large audiences. It would seem that what they BELIEVE is of secondary importance. Its what they can do that counts. I guess the Roman Catholic church has had LOTS of influence over the centuries, too. But that DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT. The devil has had a lot of influence too, it doesn't mean I am going to praise the devil. Dear friends, before you criticise what I am writing here, please go and do some research, and find out what the Roman Catholic Church teaches that you must do in order to be saved from sin and enter the Kingdom of God. Report back to me your findings, and then tell me that you think its cool for the leader of the largest pentecostal denomination in Australia to say things like this.

I hate to say it, but I think we are going to come to a parting of the ways. Those who RECEIVE NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH are DEFINITELY GOING TO BE DECEIVED and ultimately PERISH. It won't matter then how much influence you had on the earth. You will sincerely wish you had LESS INFLUENCE on that Day if you don't receive the love of the truth NOW. Because it is a terrible thing to lead people astray, by word or deed.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Brian Houston is not teaching the right gospel and the only thing he is concerned about is the money he is making out of it. If he knew his bible he would not entertain the Pope in any way because they believe they are the only true church. Not only am I disappointed in Brian Houston but with Darlene zschech who travelled also to sing for the Pope. Beware of False teachers!!

  2. If one knows the truth about Roman Catholic church, they will be completely shaken.
    A year ago, I was just asking Lord to make me understand the book of ‘Revelation’, it was then the Holy Spirit started revealing (through many truthful sites) the ugly picture of the ‘harlot church’. I don’t claim to know and understand everything but I can say the book of Revelation now makes sense to me.
    The world is getting ready to welcome the ‘beast’ but we the ‘Bride’ of Jesus Christ must prepare ourselves to be received by the ‘Bridegroom’.

  3. crustydownunder says:

    I have been to a Hillsong conference. It was a great experience, and I’ll never forget it. I got to sing on stage with Ron Kenoly and Darlene Zschech in front of 10,000 people. What a buzz. However, I didn’t come away with any new understanding of the bible. Nor did I come away with a strengthened relationship with God. Even though I want to. I felt it was more of a market place where Hillsong could parade their wares and sell their own brand of religion at elevated prices.

    I am a part of a AOG church in my town, and in light of this new information, I now have to approach my pastor and find out where he stands on the matter, and, where the AOG as a denomination stands. Because, it seems to me that Brian Houston has alined himself with the council of the one world religion (part and parcel of the newworldorder). If this is so, how long before this hypocrisy creeps into all parts of the denomination. He is deluded if he has voluntarily said these things and believes them. Either that or he is under enormous pressure to conform. Even if pressured to submit under threat of humiliation, prison, or death, he should have rejected it. I am horrified at this. I never thought it would come to this, not in this country. I’ve heard Billy Graham and many others deny Jesus is the only way. But I never thought it would happen here.

    Perhaps, as it is in the music business, it is within the church. In the music business, as with actors, one can only “make it” if one sells out totally. The powers at be (Illuminati) perhaps place in all positions of power those they can easily manipulate. Or perhaps they are elevated and made successful with the help of those in power so as to lord it over them to control them. I don’t know, but this has really shaken me. I’m quite gutted.
    The fullness of time must be fast approaching. If so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  4. crustydownunder says:

    You are a product of the propaganda of the roman catholic beast. Jesus was quite clear when he said, “Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail.” Jesus Himself is the rock of which He spoke. Upon who else would Jesus build His church. Your knowledge of scripture is taint by the false doctrines of catholicism. Upon which rock, should a man build his house? Jesus, who else.

    “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

    Catholicism is built upon the sand, and not upon the rock of Jesus Christ.

    Whosoever falls on this rock shall be broken, but upon whom this rock falls shall be rushed. Again, Jesus is the rock.

    The Apostle Paul, alluding to our celebrated boulder says, “That Rock was Christ,” and he calls it “that spiritual Rock that followed them,” and of which they “drank.” A more perfect description of Christ’s immutable character, His life giving and cleansing efficacy, His overshadowing and comforting grace, His offensive and defensive impregnability, His saving and sanctifying power, cannot be formed in words. He is our “munitions of rocks,” our Fortress and Refuge; “the Rock that is higher than I,” the “great Rock in a weary land,” “the Rock of Ages cleft for me,” and out of whose pierced side flowed the fountain of blood and water, in which we wash, and drink. It is our life and cleansing power.

    Catholicism is not built built upon the rock Christ Jesus and as a result Mary has taken Jesus place as mediator between men and God. The pope is a substitute for Jesus on earth, according to catholicism. I am not sure you know your own traditions and customs. There are many truthful articles written and posted on this site. You would do well to read them and head the truth.

    Most all catholics that have discovered the truth about catholicism, have left the catholic church. Very few, if genuine, would stay with the “Holy Mother”?

    Anyway, God bless you.

    • Daniele says:

      If the rock is Jesus hiself, why Simon changed his name in Cefa – Petrus?

      • Jesus called Peter “petros” – a stone. But he said, “On this rock [petra] “. Peter was definitely part of the foundation of the apostles and prophets – but he was a stone – not the solid rock. Jesus is that solid rock.

  5. ignatius of antioch says:

    Christ left us a Church on the Rock (Peter). He gave Simon his own name(Rock). He told him to tend his flock, feed his lambs, tend his sheep. He told Peter that after he had turned again,after rejecting Jesus, he should strengthen his brethren(other apostles) when satan would attempt to sift them like wheat. He used the singular when He said he would pray for him. Peter is mentioned more times in the Bible than all other apostles combined. He is almost always mentioned first. He often is the only one mentioned and the eleven. The whole argument about Petra and Petros in the Greek, has long been put to rest by protestant scholars. What is the pillar and foundation of truth? Its the Church! Singular. Check 2nd Thessalonians. The last supper was a priestly ordination. That’s obvious, since it occurs during the sacred Jewish passover and he transfoms the passover into the last supper. No Jew would have messed with that, unless this was the case. Peter oversees the first council at Jerusalem. HE IS NOT PERFECT THOUGH. He is a man, just like the current Pope. The apostles do abide by his decision, though.
    Want to see ordination in the Bible? Check out Acts of the Apostles. Matthais is selected as the next Apostle by the other apostles by laying on of hands and casting lots. Thats how our Pope is elected. The Church was rocky at first, because there was no blue print, just men put in charge of its organization. One thing is obvious. The early church was about unity of doctrine. Protestantism is about absolute disunity. There is very little agreement on the various doctrines. Is that any ones idea of truth. Doctrine and truth are in a sense synonymous here. You should really check the actual teaching of the Church and then investigate it thouroughly. You will be supprised by what you find. Check Jurgens faith of the fathers. Read Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, The Mass of the Early Christians, The Lambs Supper, The Didache. They will help you.

    • fellowshipWITHtheSpirit says:

      rember wen paul had to rebuke peter openly cause he wasnt practicing the truth.

    • When Jesus replied to Simon Peter after Simon Peter said you are the son of god the messiah, Jesus spoke in the spirit on the statement Simon spoke in truth and spirit. The church of God is not a physical Place but spiritual, based on our decision and faith we become his temple. Like Abraham was considered righteous because he believed. His followers is not born by flesh but by faith, and those are the true followers of Abraham that believed in Gods promise(Jesus the messiah) will inherit the kingdom of god. If you interpret the word of God in a physical way with your soul you will be deceived by your self and embrace the catholic belief system. Jesus meant that he will build his Church on the true spiritual revelation that Simon had about Jesus, that he was Messiah. Not on a Catholic pope! And Peter was far far far from a catholic Pope of religiosity and deception.

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