Hi, I am Casey. I have applied for many positions in the past months, but I am not getting any requests for interviews. By profession, I am a school administrator. I really need a breakthrough. I started a 3 day fast today after having read the section, “Call to Fasting.” I would appreciate your prayer support. I really need to understand God’s direction for my life. I know that He never closes a door without opening another one somewhere. Thank you and God Bless You!

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  1. Christina says:

    Hello Casey,

    Searching for a job alone is not easy, let alone not getting any response could be discouraging. As Delli mentioned, perhaps you need to revise your resume. I know on there is a forum dedicated to providing feedback on resumes. A lot of the feedback provided on a number of resumes was very good.

    I’ll pray to God for you in your time of Fasting and job search. You’ll find a position in time, do not be discourage. My career counsil at school told me that it could take a couple to a few months to find a position that you desire and fits into your qualifications.

    God Bless You,


  2. Dear Casey,

    I will pray for you and ask God to give you that direction in your life, and that He shows you another door to walk through and that you will recieve a call for an interview.

    God Bless You and Stay Strong In the Spirit of the Lord.


  3. Hi Casey,
    I pray that you will find inner peace and an answer to your prayer request.
    For some thought…sometimes, cv/resumes need a good presentation to get good results…you can browse in msn for some good cv presentation:-).

    God bless,

  4. Dear Casey,

    I pray the Lord will give you supernatural assurance during this time concerning his sovereign care for you and direct you into his perfect plan for your life.


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