Saved From Alcohol

My habitual sin started off casually and innocently. After I was saved, I continued to drink over the years. The one glass of wine that I thought I deserved after a hard days work increased to three to four glasses of wine, to a bottle or more a day. The innocent luxury that I had rewarded myself with soon consumed my whole life. I was drinking every day, whether it was good or bad news, celebrations or just daily stress, I turned to alcohol for strength, comfort and relief.

I was doing all the motions of a Christian, I was still going to church periodically, listening to Christian music, reading Christian books, reading the bible and praying. But behind closed doors, I still continued to drink everyday. I had lost all my confidence and was in financial ruin.

I stopped drinking for 3 months with just two/three glasses a week as a reward. I replaced my drinking with jogging. As soon as I got a injury and stopped jogging, I started to drink again everyday and a lot. One Sunday morning, I woke up with a terrible hangover feeling guilty and ashamed. I went on line seeking prayer or biblical help. That is when I found SCF online courses and my life changed!

With God’s grace and mercy, I have seen that my sin of drunkenness had turned my heart away from God and my sin was directly against Him whom I loved. Alcohol had become my idol and I had become a slave. I have been humbled at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ my Savior, who died and paid a price for my sin. With my eyes focused on the Cross, I am now drinking from the living water of Jesus Christ and walking in a personal relationship with him.

With God’s grace I have victory over my sin of drunkenness which took me over the period of Christmas and New Year without having one glass of wine!

My purpose in life is to Glorify God and live to please Him.

I would like to thank my mentor Susan, who faithfully encouraged me all the way, who was always there for me with my struggles along the way. You have been so selfless with your time and you have enriched my journey through this course. Thank you to all at SCF for helping me find my new relationship with Jesus Christ.

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  1. childofjesus says:

    I’m praying for two of my family members to get rid of alcoholism.Their family lives are affected heavily.Just like your powerful testimony, i also want to hear the same from these two people. May they also drink from the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

    Praise the Lord for the New Life, you found in JESUS.

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