Recently my boyfriend and i had a big argument over him being grumpy… For the past few months I have noticed him changing, getting farther away from God… I continuously pray for him but i dont think i can help him any more… its all up to God now…

But anyway… Friday night we got together with a bunch of friends and youth from the community and surrounding area. My boyfriend shows up and he is really grouchy so i dont pay much attention to him because he was grumping at me. Later I go on facebook and send him a message saying that it wasnt really nice of him to be grumpy at me like he was. And so he flips out on me saying that i was being so mean when i only said he was no fun to be around when he is grumpy. I put my status on facebook as “guys PMS worse that girls! which is scientifically proven to be true” and he goes on to call me an arrogant b**ch for what i said. I dont think what i said was that bad… He also said that he was ready to hurt me like theres no tomorrow… I dont know what to do about him… My Councillor said that he needs to get mental help… Im so tired of putting up with him and im ready to let it go.. But i dont know what to do for him… I know i have to continue to pray to God because the Lord will provide.

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