Brain Cancer Healed

May 25, 1995 presented me with quite a surprise — and another of life’s challenges. Confronted with the evidence of a Grade IV malignant brain tumor my experience of life soon changed. Surgery, radiation, and a shortened chemotherapy regimen left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Against my doctor’s wishes, I stopped taking chemotherapy in January 1996. There is no medical “cure” for brain cancer so I set forth seeking a miracle and an opportunity to serve a God that might graciously heal me. Throughout my life I had often wondered about God — His existence, nature, and purpose for us. Unfortunately, I had never comfortably resolved these questions. This was soon to change.

In February 1996 my wife and I attended our first Christian healing class led by Hal Weeks. Just hearing about such a class affected me profoundly. Very shortly we witnessed the power of God’s Spirit in our lives. We began to immerse ourselves in the literature and practice of “hands on healing”, intercessory prayer, etc. The manifestations of God’s love and power brought great comfort to us. Despite a reoccurrence of the tumor (Grade II) in March 1996, my faith and thankfulness continued to grow as God used me to help others. For one year the recurrent tumor remained. In March 1997, the area in which the tumor was clear — and remains so to this day. Thankful for the steadfast prayers of many and the power of God’s Holy Spirit invoked through the name of Jesus, this testimony is in service to God so that others might seek a personal relationship with His Son Jesus and receive this blessing.

Frank Leslie

If you enjoyed reading this testimony, then please visit Hal Weeks’ “Land of Miracles” Web Site

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  2. Rebekkah Shrimplin says:

    Hello there!

    I am a pastor going to preach a sermon on healing. I have been scouring the internet for healing stories. Please allow me to use your story to tell others that God heals even today! Thank you so much. Please get back to me soon.

    In Christ,

  3. Dear Frank,

    Shalom in the name of Jesus.

    I read your article with great interest.

    I am actually a magazine publisher and publish a magazine called CANCERFIX. A cancer survivor myself , the Lord has given me this ministry of reaching out to the community and to bring hope and future to those afflicted with Cancer.

    My current issue is on Brain cancer and although I have related article on cancer, none so miraculous as yours.

    I was wondering whether I could use your article and publish it in my magazine as a testimony of how faith in God is key to total healing of our spirit , soul and body.

    I look forward to hear from you

    God Bless
    Elizabeth Ng
    Gilead Health Haven Pte Ltd

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Please go to my site, type in, and read my healing story, of how God our Father healed my body of cancer. I would have had only five years to live, otherwise! Praise Him, He does all things well.
      I pray you will be blessed by my story, and the information there.
      Any comments you share will be gratefully received.
      I had requests for info from two ladies from Malaysia, so if you have info for your country, please let me know! Who people can go to, what they can take, what is available and not too expensive there. I can just send them to you, also.
      Thank you!!!
      In Jesus Christ by His love and grace,

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