Blood bought

I find this to be a issue which needs much imput,so I will give it a shot, The sin nature of Adam has been in man since the day Adam disobeyed God, the sin nature is a seed in man to cause him to easily be lead and bound by the big 3,the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.and all are used by satan to pull us in deeper in sin . we still have an ability to choose our paith,good or bad, Man’s spirit is drawn to God,but with the seed of sin in our heart,rebellion is also easy, Emotions have a part also, the choice to serve God or satan is also available. NOW we get into salvation, when a sinner comes to a place of repentance,asked for forgiveness,then he turns his direction toward serving God, many go through life professing salvation and indeed they are,but the seed of sin is still inside,causing problems waring with the big 3. many fall as time goes by because of the seed of sin. In need of ,and wanting more of God and the joy of the Lord,travailing before God for the replacement of the sin seed with the seed of Christ,is nessasary for freedom of sin and live blameless or sinless,as the bible says we can do. now it is possible to train ourselves not to sin without a sanctifed power of God,but a very rare thing and still produce fruit for the kingdom. I’ll expain; an alcoholic can stop drinking on willpower of his own sometimes,but even months and even years later,his flesh still has to fight the craving and sometimes the smallest things sends him back.( this is my version of salvation.) and he starts all over again,same way with the drug addict. Sanctification is available for the saved, which is a prayed down,2nd work by the HolyGhost and a phiscal experence on the saved , the result of this experence if on an alcoholic,he would never be pulled or crave it again the rest of his life. the same with the drug addict or what ever stubbling block that gets between you and God, this is the defference. some call such a deliverence,casting out something,or maybe just plain salvation. this doesn’t mean 1 can’t stay saved,it means without it many lose heart because of their addictions and seed of sin,always showing up in our daily life,and easily setting us back . the teachings of Martin Luther and John Westley learned this long ago and it helped make many withstand the wiles of the flesh and satan and grew many christians into mighty warriors for Christ, many over the years have seen visions of blood dropping on them and fire over people’s head and such,then after they realized the seed of adam was no longer in them but the seed of Christ and the big 3 had no dominion over them any longer. I am trying to show the difference between a blood washing of the saint verses a struggling saint without that 2nd blessing of God. this is something satan doesn’t want us to know, thank God I have been blood washed and baptized by fire.

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