Blessings for us !!

I would like to give a little background as to why i ended up praying for a new home..
My husband is working for western railways, mumbai. We were allotted staff quarter very near to railway we were badly affected by noise pollution..Even to complete our conversation we had to take breaks & after the train passed we continued..Now imagine how we struggled to get sound sleep..My baby in my womb was also getting affected..My husband assured that soon we’ll be shifted to other quarter in better location but nothing was working..We were blessed with our son in that same house.. of course he enjoyed watching trains from our house..but the sound was intolerable..that was the time i decided to pray for our new home..
We desparately wanted to buy a new home, but did’nt know where to buy as we had limited resources. I asked Lord to provide us with wisdom to search house in such a location where we can afford & it should be sufficient for us..The Lord answered my prayer and we were able to buy a New Home! Now, to meet all our ends , we both had to work. My Child was small but I could not afford to sit at home, I had to find a job..I prayed earnestly about this situation. God was faithful again. I was offered a good job i a small company.Now, I wanted caretaker for my child? Well, God blessed us with a caring maid to look after my child.My husband was transferred to another deparment, where he could do overtime and paid accordingly, his salary was doubled..
Also I was praying for fellowship for which God has directed me to this site..I’m able to pray & encourage others.While I do this, I found my relation with my husband, maid & colleagues in my office have changed for good.
Mt. 11:30 “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Love you Jesus!!

In Christ

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