Blessed by God

Hello, everyone.

I have been really blessed by God our Father, and so much so, that some people have called me Moses. I searched for God to find out if he was real, and i found out. Not the kind of faith real most people talk about, but the physical real. Not imaginary stuff, not the im believing God did that for me kind of thing, and there being no physical evidance in my life to leave me guessing if it was really him or not. I was one who went looking for answers, that no one could give me. One of which was who actually knew God, and did what he wanted. Its pretty confussing out there, thats for sure, and the struggle between those telling me how to believe, and what the bible actually said was the hardest thing. But once everything lines up, from a view point, there are no contradictions. I have met many a good and kind hearted people who honestley want to do what is right for God, and some that even have put me to shame when it comes to doing Gods work, then those who search out the wisdom of God wherever they can find it, but dont know certain things. I have only known God himself to show up if there is a mistake in human judgment, or that a person needs something changed in order to do what God wants. But when God shows up its to change back something that was changed over time or lost. Where angelic intervention was always about something going to take place. I was actually taken and shown, and it made a part of my life, like before time. Most people i have helped to understand life, do really well, i think better than they might have without it. Though depending on their nature what may take place in their life tends to lean twards it. Im not a big one to answer most questions, and i normally dont answer the where is God at question, or simular questions because of peoples natures. My time is very limited, no different than Gods time, i cant answer everyone, and wont pretend to be able to have the time to answer. I have to live, so i do things like everyone else to support myself, and cant spend time answering questions. So please, Please dont ask a question unless Its very important, and i will get to your post when i can.

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