Binding and Loosing


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Binding and Loosing

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18)

Many of us have not been under attack, but rather living under the attack of the devil, and for some it hasn’t been days, weeks or months, but years.  In fact, in some instances it has been going on for so long that it is no longer recognized as an attack, but instead it has become a way of life that has been accepted as “normal.” It has become a stronghold. Some people have been trying everything they know to break the cycle of oppression and bondage in their lives only to get more frustrated as time goes on. The good news is that it may not be as difficult as you have thought.

A stronghold is something that has developed over a period of time, through some form of demonic, deceptive influence. They can exist in families and generational lines, cities, regions or nations; principalities and other ruling spirits can effectively stop a move of God and blind the minds of whole territories of people, if we don’t pray properly and exercise our God-given authority. That may not sound “religiously correct,” but it is true nonetheless (II Corinthians 4:4, Daniel 10:12-13). A stronghold is an area where the devil has gained a lasting influence, and he will guard it judiciously. However, Jesus has given us the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, and there is a key that will unlock whatever has been locked in our lives (Matthew 16:19). Binding and loosing is one of those keys.

Binding and loosing accomplishes exactly what Jesus said it would do; it binds things that are out of order with the will of God, and looses things that should be in operation. God has entrusted this authority and responsibility to all of His people, not leaving us defenseless in a spiritual battle. The devil is a spirit, and he employs spiritual pressure and influence over our lives; it is therefore important that we understand our spiritual authority through binding and loosing.

While it is true that not every problem in our lives is directly caused by the devil, it is also true that whatever the solution is, he will do his best to keep us in the dark about it through deception. Binding and loosing, many times, will break the deceptive influence in the situation, allowing us to see what is truly going on, and will release the grace of God into the situation (Romans 5:2). This enables us to walk in the freedom that Jesus paid for.

Many Christians have no idea that this type of authority even exists, and since many pastors and leaders don’t understand it themselves, they are unable or unwilling to teach it to their congregations. Others believe that this type of authority is for a select “few” preachers, ministers, “priests” or apostles, so of course that excludes them. Did you know that the devil will always tell you that you are part of the excluded majority that will not receive whatever it is that you desire from God? “Sure, God heals, but it’s not His will to heal YOU!” “Speaking in tongues are not for everyone!” (And of course you are the one that it’s “not for!”)  But Jesus has freely given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Some are afraid of spiritual things because they have encountered spiritual “flakes,” and have associated anything spiritual with people like that. It seems that many of our Spirit-filled churches are spawning grounds for such weirdos, but God doesn’t want us to be weird. He wants us to be firmly planted and rooted in the Word of God, which is the most practical and solid thing that exists in our universe (or any other for that matter). Binding and loosing is accomplished through faith, by issuing decrees (Job 22:28, Mark 11:23). There are times when we initiate this through simple faith in God’s written promises (His Word), and there are other times when we are moved by the Holy Spirit through the gift of faith, a supernatural impartation of the Spirit, and given the ability to believe what we would not normally be able to believe.

God has an established order for every system that He has created, whether it is a family, church, region or nation, and that order has been predetermined and set before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 2:10). It is our responsibility to hear from God and receive a “blueprint” of His plan, and begin to “call those things that be not as though they were” (Mark 11:24, Romans 4:17). In other words, what we see through the eyes of faith, we declare it as so until it is. This is what God did throughout all the Old Testament; through the mouth of all His prophets, He kept calling those things that were not as though they were (Speaking of the promised Messiah) (Luke 1:70, Acts 3:21). We declare by the words of our mouths, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matthew 6:9-10) We pray after this manner. We build the spiritual foundation this way (John 8:56, Matthew 16:28, Job 22:28, Romans 4:17), and we wield a weapon at the same time that we build, in order to keep the devil off the project (Genesis 15:11, Nehemiah 4:17).

I was at a truck stop last year near Seattle, Washington, and the parking lot was so full that I had to “create” a parking spot, blocking several trucks from getting out. I had arrived about five o’clock in the evening, and figured that if someone needed to leave sometime during the night, they would wake me up and I would move (a practice done periodically when truck stops are full). However, several hours later, a rather loud, demanding, and aggressive man got out of one of the trucks and knocked on my door. He told me that he was leaving at six o’clock in the morning, and that I needed to move my truck so he could get out. I informed him that since I was leaving at four o’clock, there would be no problem, and I would be out of his way before he had to leave. However, he adamantly insisted that I move immediately, but I calmly refused, and explained again to him that I would be gone first, and if for any reason he had to leave earlier, he could wake me up in the morning and I would move. The man became more agitated and stormed away from my truck.

This was only the beginning however, as he began to knock on the doors of other trucks, and one by one, the other drivers would get out of their trucks and comply with his demands. He was ordering them to move their trucks all over the lot (He was trying to rearrange the whole parking lot, I think), and it became mass confusion. I was amazed that so many were listening to him, however not all, and you could feel the atmosphere getting very tense among the drivers involved. It became apparent after about forty five minutes that a fight was becoming inevitable, and the situation was about to turn very ugly. Then suddenly, faith rose up in my heart, and I spoke to the spirit; “I bind you Satan!” “I bind the spirit of strife and contention in Jesus’ name!” Within five minutes, the atmosphere changed, and fifteen minutes later, everyone was back in their trucks. It was quiet and peaceful for the rest of the night, and what could have been a bad situation, was resolved in a moment of time (With no police, and no one going to jail).

These types of things touch every area of our lives; Satan uses deception in order to establish strongholds, and therefore when we bind his activities, not only are the evil spirits bound, but truth is released into the hearts of people to counter the deception that has been planted. God will open the eyes of our understanding in order for us to know what to do if there is further action required on our part. This is also true as we speak to mountains in our lives (Mark 11:22-24). As a result of our faith, the disorder in our lives will be revealed to us, and the grace of God will be released into the situation.  Our faith will always go to the root of the issue (Mark 11:20).

Although these things are simple in concept, their application is not always easy, because many times it demands change on our part. With wisdom comes responsibility and accountability, and some things are so “rooted,” that the foundation must be completely destroyed and re-laid. This takes humility, effort, focus, diligence and patience on our part, and most importantly, faith. The mind must be renewed in order to think and believe the way that God thinks (Mark 4:14-20).

Binding and Loosing is one of the many weapons that we have at our disposal. Whatever it is that the God has told us to do, we can be sure that the devil will come down upon it and attempt to thwart the work, but God has given us all the tools that we need to be overcomers and more than conquerors in everything that we do for the Kingdom of God.

In His Service,




Rev. Tom Woythal


















“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature…”  (Mark 16:15)




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  1. I live in Utah and I’m sure you are very aware of the spirit in charge over the mormon Church has a very big stronghold here. Also there are the spirits of the Natives who dwelled. In the land beforehand. I have felt it near to us at many times. And when I was young we moved back to utah and I became ill. I have had odd occurances of strange illnesses since. Yet I came to know Christ Jesus in this state. So the Devil doesn’t have complete control over this area. I was hoping for some advice on pulling down the strongholds in this area. Especially in my family and in God’s family. I know that I need to let go of any IOU’s in unforgiveness or bitterness & confess all my sins. I am seeking a closer relationship with our father and I am asking you for prayers and any other advice you may have for me in pulling down these stronghold. Thank You. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      It seems these days all we hear is devils and strongholds, What ever happen to somebody prayed through til God answered by fire,or a supernatural blessing from God, If the body of Chirst would bind together in some serious praying,there would be no strongholds,being lazy or not sure of being answered,or too busy,to seek the face of God is not the devil;s fault and he shouldn’t get credit for it, the fault is our own,the devils can only do what we let them do. If we want to go to war with the devil over our troubles and family,then lets do it,if you want your family saved,bring out the weapons of prayer,prayer cloths,fasting,bombarding heaven to the point no rest with be found at our family’s house until they find God. we take the power of God too lightly, there is a church in bath ,nc ,was built 2 feet over the property line ,later came the people next door demanding it be moved,the church had no money to move the church,so they began to pray,what can we do,we need help, God didnot send money,he sent a tornato .which picked up the church,moved it over 2 feet,unharmed, Grab the horns of the alter and if you don;t have 1 make 1,cry out to God until the heavens open,tell God.I’m not moving until you bless me.and I find out what you want me to do. What is more pressing than finding God,is dinner,or football game,or walking the dog,family get together.NONE,all these things will be added later,FIND GOD and no more supposed strongholds,we are that which holds us back,if Jesus himself had to pray all night to hear from heaven,so do we.or next day or next week or next month we will be in the same place except older.good day

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        Well my first comment I messed up and deleted. But me especially am new to tarrying. We all want a mcdonalds fast food style quick fix and help right now. God is saying keep pressing. Im in a situation where I have to or lose everything that matters even my own life. Im guilty. And the ship may be going down but it ain’t sunk yet! . I may not have it perfect yet but I wont give up and throw in the towel. God is going to bless me. Somehow someway

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          Boy ,thats thing of the past,I tarried 1 time for a little girl,her dad was a victom of agent ornage in veitnam,she was born with many problems,I didnot know her but I did know her grandfather,she was bedridden for over 2 years,about 11 or 12 years old,her story touched my heart when I was told she missed going to school,she was having trouble with bed sores she was so sick, I took it on my self,to try to reach God on her behalf, not knowing what he would do, I began a fast,no food at all,didn’t know it would take so long,so I prayed often everyday,10 days past,nothing,all kinds of things going on in my head,such as you did enough,or its not you problem,or its not in God’s will,or in God’s time,had a hard time shaking it off,20 days past,nothing,lost about 20 pounds,always cold,run out of get up and go quick,still working,spending my lunch hour in church,28 days later nothing,the war between flesh and spirit going at it,29.5 days,guess who is riding the school bus,for the first time in 2 years,it was her,praise God,meat and potatoes tonight,Tarry before the Lord with all your heart and see what God will do !! !praise his holy NAME by the way I gained my 20 pounds back shortly,ha ha we have not because we ask not,or we ask a miss, when finding God is above everything else,then mountains are moved,God doesn;t want (at our convinence,He wants our first,)

      • You posted about God moving a church 2 feet in Bath NC. by a tornado as an answer to prayer
        I have tried Google to find information on it and there isnt anything there.
        What was the name of the church an what year did this happen?
        I dont doubt your word but if I tell others about this happening I would like to be able to tell them the detales.
        Just seems like God would have just sent the money they needed or changed the hearts of the other people involved instead.
        We all need to rely on God a lot more an stop giving Satan all the credit he dont deserve.
        I think the only strongholds in a believers life are the ones he builds when he stops trusting God and in his own salvation.


        • Holyroller_11 says:

          It was over 30 years ago I went to bath high school,bath is very small ,I am not sure of the name right off,but I tell you later,you see in our thoughts,your right he didn’t have to move the church,and in my life I asked him to raise the dead,he did that also,but God delights in doing great things for those who trust him,back then,they only had black and white tv,3 channels at best,and God’s house was special,now days we always look to what is easier,thats not always best.the israelites found that out when they had to go around and around that mountain,making years out of a few day journey,the church is on the first corner as you enter the I think it is just Bath church,but its been a long time sinse I checked,I was there for this years christmas parade.

    • Annette,
      Interestingly enough, I am traveling, and will be in Salt Lake City in the morning myself! And yes, I am definitely aware of the spiritual climate over that area; Satan has a “seat” in Salt Lake City, and that particular principality affects a good portion of the western, Northwestern states.
      I agree with you to let go of any of the devil’s “property” (strife, unforgiveness, etc.) that would give him legal claim to attack you or your family. The devil will use all kinds of threats and pressure in an attempt to get you off your offensive stance, but don’t be intimidated by his lies; you have nothing to fear. Stay in faith, believing and declaring God’s promises of protection, healing, provision, etc. (Psalm 91:1-16, Isaiah 54:17, etc.), so when the counterattacks come, you will not be persuaded to waiver or back off.

      Satan is a creature of pride, and he likes to have attention. Don’t give him any. Many times Christians will get all caught up in trying to figure out names of demons, and even talking to them and asking them questions; this is where people can get weird, and actually get into a form of “religious divination (I Chronicles 10:13).” At the same time, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with; just be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and He will keep you balanced. Judging by what you wrote in your question, it sounds like you have a well balanced perspective already, and that’s good.

      Preferably you don’t begin this alone, as there’s power in agreement. Get those that are serious about prayer and can stand in faith, not unbelief. Get together according to Matthew 18:19, and begin by speaking (having one speak and the rest agree) directly to the principality over the region and binding its operations and maneuvers; something like this, “We bind the principalities and powers over this territory!” (Name your territory) “We bind your influence and activities in Jesus’ name!” You can also do it alone; do it every day, sometimes several times a day, and do it in faith. You may see and feel no changes for awhile; in fact, it may be thirty days or longer, and maybe several months, but then you will experience a breakthrough and see results. Loose the angels of God; ministering and warring spirits into the territory to cause Kingdom interests to be established, and the Father’s will to be “done on earth as it is in heaven” in your territory (Matthew 6:10). Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit; He will give you strategies that are unique to your own region and situation. The most intense pressure and attacks will come right before a breakthrough. Spend lots of time praying in the Spirit; get together with a group of people and just pray in the Spirit, and listen; this is where the Holy Spirit will speak. You may all walk around the room and pray for an hour, and then you may find yourselves sitting and talking, the Holy Spirit right in the middle of it giving you all kinds of good stuff while you fellowship with one another.

      These things are not something that you can only do once, and then leave it alone. The principality most likely will not leave the territory, for he has been assigned there (not by God), and has a degree of legal right to be there until Jesus comes. In Daniel 10:11-13, it took twenty one days for Daniel to see the results of his prayer, but as we can see today, the principality of Persia is still out there in operation. Once you get a breakthrough, you must maintain it. This can sometimes be “rollercoaster” ride with “ups and downs,” but all in all you are maintaining a habitation of God, and keeping the principality bound. You can bind his activities quite effectively in order to allow God’s will to be done and Kingdom
      purposes to be established in your territory. In other words, this will enable strong, governing churches to be built; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to rise up and walk in their offices and gifting. The presence and activity of what you are doing will eventually push the devil aside as long as the church is operating in its authority; you will have a habitation of God’s order and presence.

      Be strong in faith in all the areas of God’s Word; healing, protection, provision, strength of character, integrity. When he launches attacks against your body, you can declare that “By His stripes I am healed!” (Isaiah 53:5, I Peter 2:24). When he threatens your family, you can declare, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper!” Etc.

      Sometimes when you are under attack, it’s going back on the offensive that will send the devil scrambling to protect his own interests, and he will flee from harassing you, and the attack will break. (This is the last thing that you will want to do, however, as the natural tendency is to hunker down and protect yourself under heavy fire) Satan wants to be the one on the offensive, with us defending our fort, but our job is to make sure that it works the other way around.

      These are some basics, and I am assuming that you already know who you are in Christ, your place of authority, etc. If you are unsure, this foundation should be laid first. Of course there is much more to be learned, and you will learn much as you step into doing these things. I hope this answers some of your questions; I believe you are right on about what you are sensing though, and your desire and faith to see your region changed!

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        spirits are roaming to an fro upon the earth,they are where people are,satan don’t waste his time with average people,the fallen angels do that,,satan is in governments seting up his worldly kingdom,until his time is over.our trouble comes from our flesh,and earthly desires,with a cheering band of fallen angels helping our sin nature to want more.there are 3 things that are our stubbling block.the lust of the flesh,the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life,without these,devils would be out of business.but the babe in Christ is more than a conqueor in Christ Jesus,

      • childofjesus says:

        I am blessed with your post..
        I have been praying for breaking the strongholds for our community region (in India)..I’m asking Lord to send fresh revival for my people in my village (i’m not staying in village but have my parents & other relatives there)…I’m going to take down the names of various territories & bind the principalities..Right now, i don’t have any prayer partners for this specific reason, please pray that God provides me with some real fire filled believers !!
        God bless you in His Ministry!!

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          You and Jesus,double your prayer time,and pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers,to his fields,and expect them,God will send you revivial,God bless

          • childofjesus says:

            I’m praying & i believe that many on this site & others are also praying..
            “Holy Spirit touch & restore the hearts of your people..Restore us Lord in your grace & mercy” ..Amen !!

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            many years ago,a small group of people gathered in a barn,and began to pray,refusing to leave until they heard from heaven,after long hours,God answered with such a mighty wave of power through the people,it grew and grew became the Church of God ,based in Tennesee ,not armstrongs church,

  2. Tom, thank you so much for such a message. It spoke into my soul. Have a blessed day.

  3. childofjesus says:

    Thank you for sharing this Powerful Message in Jesus Christ.

    May each one of us use this ‘Binding & Loosing’ weapon to break the strongholds of the devil in our families, cities, regions & nations.

    Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

    In Christ

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