On the Bible

The Bible – What it is and Why We Can Trust its Message

The Bible itself speaks of a living, personal God, who created the Heavens
and the Earth. It presents an intelligent and accurate history of God’s dealings
with people until the time of the early church. Though written over a period
of more than 1500 years through many different writers from all walks of life,
it presents a consistent picture of who God is, who we are, what God wants,
the consequences of our actions and the future. It contains hundreds of prophecies,
many of which were fulfilled by Jesus Himself. Others are being fulfilled before
our eyes in this generation.

Basic Reasons to Believe in The Bible

Here is are some reasons you
should consider.

The Inspiration
of Scripture defended
– by Ron Rhodes.

Mathematical/Statistical Evidence that the Bible is
NOT just of human origin.

I hope to find time to write on these matters below some time. Its mostly a
matter of typing it in! A good introductory book would be “The Case for Christ”
by Lee Strobel, a former award winning journalist and skeptic.

1. Fulfilled Prophecy

2. Textual Evidence

3. Archeology Confirms its Accuracy

4. Its Internal Consistency, and

5. Most Importantly, it works.

The Evidence for the truth of the Bible is overpowering when you consider it
all together.

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