Benhadad is actually two Hebrew words: “ben-Hadad”. Strong’s Hebrew Bible Concordance tells us this word means: “son of [the false god] Hadad”.

This is important because the first mention of Syria in the Bible is in Judges 10:6 and it is all about the false gods of Syria. Take notice, ben-Hadad is the standing title of all the Syrian kings that passed their government authority from father to son, it’s meaning “the son of Hadad” gives us the clue that we need to understand history if we are to understand the times and what lies ahead.

The ancient fact is that in Biblical times, just as today, Syrian kings stood in opposition against “Israel”, the people that followed the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of “Israel”. Take note, Syria has been in a state of emergency rule since 1963, which its government has justified by its “state of war” with Israel, and the government has used this declaration to suspend its citizens’ constitutional rights for the past 39 years.

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