Being a Devoted Wife to The Lord and My Husband.

I may not be the Prefect wife, but this is how I see being devoted is.:

If you love your husband you will do the following:
* Clean up his messes, dishes, laundry.
* Clean the whole house , bathrooms, make the bed.
* Making sure he get’s up and off to work on time.
* If or when he wants to make love , you get on the bed
Asap, and lay there he has to make the first move.

If you Love The Lord Jesus Christ.
* You pray to him at anytime, for anything.
* for getting better, Praying on a new baby.
* Doing special Blessing.
* praising him by, letting him his soul become Intamint with

I was told by my Grandmother Lord bless her soul.
That I should always be more or less a house wife and a slave.
For anything anyone of his demands, food, drink, clothes.
She told me that if my husband wants to make love and have a baby,
That I should say YES.

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