Being a Devoted Wife to The Lord and My Husband.

I may not be the Prefect wife, but this is how I see being devoted is.:

If you love your husband you will do the following:
* Clean up his messes, dishes, laundry.
* Clean the whole house , bathrooms, make the bed.
* Making sure he get’s up and off to work on time.
* If or when he wants to make love , you get on the bed
Asap, and lay there he has to make the first move.

If you Love The Lord Jesus Christ.
* You pray to him at anytime, for anything.
* for getting better, Praying on a new baby.
* Doing special Blessing.
* praising him by, letting him his soul become Intamint with

I was told by my Grandmother Lord bless her soul.
That I should always be more or less a house wife and a slave.
For anything anyone of his demands, food, drink, clothes.
She told me that if my husband wants to make love and have a baby,
That I should say YES.

What do YOU think?



  1. I do uderstand what you are saying,However, you are his Help meet not his lap dog. How is this Love at all. You are to be part of him and he is to be part of you. With God binding the two of you together. I do not see unity here. Do you have Daughters? If the man did decide to Do evil to or with his own children would you say that its just fine he’s my husband and he thinks for me. What do your daughters truely think of this. And your sons. How are they to Show you Honor if you are a thing & not a person. I think being a spouse is an honor and being their wife should feel to them as a gift from God. The curse was removed with Christ Jesus. We do not have to have pain in childbirth and we Naturally do for our families, but we are to Do thing out of love for eachother, but far be it from me to tell you how to be a wife, I was one, yet he fell, Are you Cherrished? I just don’t even see you doing this to yourself. I think if you truely get on your knees and asked thE Lord what he says about your idea of marriage is, he would Give you more than this and bless your marriage so much more if you would see that there is no Male or female in the Lord Christ Jesus. Please ask your lord and look at the example you are showing your children. For we are more than concorers in the lord Christ Jesus. I hope I’m not too harsh and I will pray for you & your family, I don’t agree with you but will pray out of the saviors Love. In Christ Jesus’ Name, Annette

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