Be thankful!

I pray that the holy spirit of God shows everyone who reads this that Jesus has given us the greatest chance mankind has seen to be with God the father. God the father is one tough cookie! HE is so gracious to give us his son. THANK GOD!

I have been up for the past few nights reading genesis / exodus / leviticus.
I just have to say that God has shown me how tough he has been on our ancestors.
Take a look at all of the offerings to be made for sins.
Take a look at God’s views on clean and unclean things.
God killed Aaron’s 2 sons for not doing a ceremony the way God wanted by fire. This was just, God’s ways are not of our own.

The point I am trying to get across is that God has blessed us and lovingly given us his son to be clean. We could NOT keep god’s law that was given to Moses, it was too difficult for us.


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