Be forwarned

I have read several articles that speak against those that are apart of the prosperity message and those that apart of T.B.N,but didnt apostle Paul point out that some will preach out of greed but he was more interested in souls getting saved than he was about why people preach the gospel.See we need to check our hearts because if some one is preaching a gospel you dont like maybe its because your envying all their wealth.See I have been to prosperity meetings and I didnt like every thig I heard but when people got saved I was excitted.I find it amazing how many people attack those that are on T.B.N but I love to ask them how many souls have you brought in to the kingdom of God?One man I deeply respect at one crusade helped lead over 150 people to Christ and than had many pastors at this crusade reach out to these people to get them in to a church,how many have any of youled to Christ in one day?I have been rideculed and mocked because I reach out to Satanist,prositutes,sex addicts,those in the occult and those that are heavy in to witchcraft.I can only imagine what my fellow brothers and sisters say about me but I have learned opinens dont matter as long as I am doing what Christ said to do,get people saved and help people realize I want a relationship with them,and show people not only will I forgive them of their sins I want to restore them 100% opinens of me dont matter.The prosperity message might offend some people but look at how many people disliked Billy Graham minestry and yet over 7 hundred thousand people were saved through him preaching John 3:16.So before you come against some one really check your heart,because you might be ,coming  up against God.Several peoplehave asked meto voice my opinen about another mans minestry and I will not do it because as long as soulsare getting saved and people are growing closer to Christ is it really any of my business?Do what God asked youto do first before you start judging because every time you judge I really question if your doing what you were called to do.Tim

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