Be filled with the Holy Spirit, redeeming the time!

Happy New Year to all! When I prayed tonight, I got a Word from God. The Bible says: 'Be filled with the Spirit, redeeming the time!' (Ephesians 5). God says here that if we take the time to pray and put the effort necessary to pray UNTIL we are truly filled with the Holy Spirit, He will make sure that the time you put in prayer will be redeemed and even more!

So don't believe the lie of the devil that you do not have time to pray and be filled with the Holy Spirit, when God promises that it will redeem time! Why? Because His supernatural power will make things possible in your life that no effort of your own could achieve …

And to those who think: I got baptised with the Holy Spirit, so I am already filled with Him, don't need to be refilled again, I have a note: You might have been been and spoke in tongues for the first time, but this commandment in Ephesians was given to people who were baptised with the Holy Spirit already!


I think the reason we need to be refilled is because we are broken vessels who leak!


So remember, prayer UNTIL you are filled with the Holy Spirit – eg: when you feel full and satisfied in your spirit – equals SAVING AND EVEN REDEEMING TIME! Let's get to it this year, every day of it!

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