baptized by blazing fire

 hELLO EVERYONE I was reading online a book called baptized by blazing fire. the writer of the book says jesus took him to hell and showed him his family being tortured in horrifying ways in hell like being filleted with a knife like a fish and other unspeakable torments and it has made me very sad to hear these things and i am very sad about this that there is no hope for these people . i am wanting to know if in hell do demons actually torture humans for all of eternity? also i wanted to know if this book was from god  i would like other christians wisdom and insight on this, thanks so much.

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  1. christ is coming 777 says:

    Yes I have read Baptised by Blazing fire and do think its from God. Its given to bear witness to the spiritual warfare and revelation of both Heaven & Hell.

    Hell is plain hellish, horrific and hedious, theres no way around it. Hell is actually a prision for lost souls until the final judgment day when they are cast into the lake of fire for eternity (yes that means forever and ever and ever, no end!). That is the clear truth of the bible, if someone tries to teach another doctrine, beware, it will be a deception that will not help anyone. Hell is shown in greater revelation in BBF and other such visions because in his love God wants everyone to know and not go there. All need to repent & make right choices.

    Sinners belong to the devil ‘the god of this world` by there sinnful choices and he currently has a legal right to torment them, until His time is up, when he is cast into the Abyss & later lake of fire.

    The best thing we can do , is not try to change the clear bible teaching of Hell, but go preach the gospel & warn people so they wont end up there. God bless


    • I personally have not read the book that you have mentioned.  What I dont understand however how someone could have been brought to hell and shown the tomenting there.  The parable of the rich man and Lazuras states that both had died and the rich man gone to hell and the poor man to Abrahams bosom. 

      lazuras was then shown hell and the rich man and the rich man pleaded that God would send Lazuras to his family to warmn them of hell.  God said that they Had Moses and the prophets and did not need Lazuras to show them/  THE rich man then asked if lazuras could come and dip the tip of his finger in water to cool his tounge as he was tormented in the flame.

      God said no that there was a great gulf fixed between hevean and hell and that no one could pass from one to the other.


      This shows me that hell is a horrible place were his torment was everlasting fire.  It also tells me that hell is for the sinner and a saved person (a man of God) could not enter hell and see the horrors of it.  Lazuras was unable to go to cool his tounge. 

      I think we need to be very wary of people who say they have these visions that in no way agree with the written word of God.

      I trust that my feeble thoughts on this matter have been helpfull. 

  2. christseeker26 says:

    Go to:


    We have a series called, “Hell is Not Eternal.” If you search on YouTube, you will find another series titled the same thing. His user name is NephilimFree, we differ on a few things, but His version of Hell is more close to the actual biblical teaching of the bible. He’s still off some though, because no one pays for their sins again in Hell, for the ones they’ve committed in this life. Jesus already died for your sins on the cross, even the ones you’ll committ tomorrow. So, in that regard His interpretation is contradictory. Watch our video series, it will explain more. Hope you understand me, I tried my best making these, I was nervous. Thanks! God bless!

    • christseeker26 says:

      Sorry, one last thing, I should have the videos up soon, be watching!

    • I know its really hard to swallow, but everyone who claims to have seen hell is united in the idea that it is eternal. I don’t think the demons get to torment people in the Lake of Fire, the eternal one – they themselves are judged then also. But we don’t exactly know.


      One thing I am sure of. We need to fear God. He is not a Big Pussycat.

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