Baptist Pastor Tased and Beaten by Police in Arizona, Amerika – 12 stitches in the head

Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world”. Realise that the Bible speaks truly when it says, “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19)

Here is a Baptist pastor who wants to stand up for his 4th amendment rights. It would seem that these “rights” are only theorerical rights now. What you have is the “right” to be abused by the police if you don’t do exactly as they say.

It should be pretty obvious by now that America is well on the way to being a tyrannical police state. Your Constitution is a dead document – it means whatever the government and the police want it to mean at the time. Of course, when I say it “is” a dead document, I haven’t really clarified what the meaning of the word “is”, is, have I?

This is really a political battle, a battle against evil in society. Such battles may bear some fruit, but for now it looks like the fruit may just be what arises from a few people waking up. Trying to build the kingdom of heaven on earth in the last days before the return of Jesus will not succeed. Iniquity and lawlessness will abound at the highest levels. What we need to do is pray and fast more, and preach the gospel more, and make disciples, so that Satan’s age will come to an end and Christ will return and throw all the unrepentant evildoers who have rejected the gospel in hell forever. That is God’s solution for the evils in society. You can’t build God’s Kingdom on the foundation of human documents like the U.S. Constitution, no matter how noble they may be.

Personally, I don’t think anyone can save the United States now. Only some of the people in it can be saved. Whatever it was, the United States is not built on the same principles as formerly. It is now based on some of the worst elements of fascism AND communism. Its just that THIS HAS NOT FULLY BECOME APPARENT YET. But we see that the churches of America have tried to change God’s law, God’s word and have taught that you can be Christian without following Jesus.

So now God will destroy America as a nation because that nation murders more babies than any other, and is leading the way in terms of destroying the family unit through pornography, vile entertainment and godless humanism. America also has also a long history of doing economic injustice and oppressing the poor of this world. Now more and more of the people of America are becoming poor. Its the only environment in which people are likely to be interested in listening to a message about ANOTHER kingdom – the Kingdom of God.

At the time of writing there seems to be some sort of bear market rally in the stock market, and the news media is forecasting that things will be fine. But it will all be in vain shortly. Judgment is certain. Dear American people, you are all slowly boiling like frogs in a kettle. If God has called you to live in America, you must get ready to suffer for your faith. Because you will suffer in this life for your faith, unless you join the Harlot Church. But then, if you join the Harlot Church (i.e. the church that gives its love to Mammon and lovers other than Jesus Christ), then you will partake of its plagues, unless you repent.

I urge you to take these kinds of events as a kind of warning. Rather than fighting for your rights, prepare to suffer and overcome Satan by means of spiritual weapons.

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