I have lost hopes for admission, please pray for my admission to BDS. I am currently trying to get admission in Russia, but don’t know I will get or not, I am in need of prayers, please pray for me so that the LORD will open doors and do miracles for me. Thank you. God bless you.

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  1. childofjesus says:

    for being such a Good God. May every heart sing your praises for all that You do for us. You have shown kindness on Hailey & added life to her. May You continue to shower your Blessings upon her.
    Also thank you for opening a good prospect for Joel. May you continue to guide him.
    Lord, we also pray for our dear brother Greg & his family. Have mercy upon them. Deliver them from the court case as soon as possible and may they thank You for turning their mourning into dancing again. I claim Psalm 30 for their family.
    Dear Lord, we commit Archie Anderson, who is suffering from lung cancer. Strengthen him & his family to put all their trust in You. Heal him in Jesus’ Name.
    All this i ask in the most precious & loving Name of Jesus…..Amen.

  2. lookinforacity says:

    Hi Joel

    In your profile you say, “playing the piano is a gift from God.”

    You are now asking for prayer that you will be admitted to a medical school.
    Have you ever thought, (GOD) might have answered your request already, maybe, your not getting into school as you hoped, is your answer.

    If as you say, God has given you the gift of music, playing the piano, He has given you a ministry to lift up His name.
    Why then look for something else to do as a profession?
    If you take the gift He has already given to you, He will honor it and provide a living for you out of it.

    What I am saying is, what is you motivation for being a dentist?
    Is it
    1) Wealth
    2) The chance to help others
    3) As a ministry to the poor

    If God has already given to you the gift of music, it then can lead to the ministering to the poor through prayer for their healing, and ultimately their Salvation, what greater life could you ask for.

    I could just send up prayers for you and your situation, but what if those prayers are in actuality going against the Will Of God for your life, it is something for you to consider before going any further in this direction.
    If the door does open for you to go to Medical school, how do you know God opened that door for you?

    You are now 17, by the time you graduate and are able to set up a dentistry practice of your own, what will have changed in your life,
    Will you be married before then, with children?

    1Co 7:32,33
    32) But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:
    33) But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife.

    If you have any thoughts of ministry through your profession, you might not be able to do so by then.

    You have time now, as you wait for a admittance to a school, to venture out in the ministry of music, put God to the test, try Him, see if He will not honor your gift.

    God does not give gifts to be put under a bushel, but on a candlestick.
    If He did give you this gift of music, it was for a purpose, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, which means He will not take the gift away from you, but it must be understood, with every gift God gives, there is also a responsibility which goes along with it.

    Ask yourself the question, “Why did God choose to give me “ME” this gift.”

    Be Blessed

    • Joel Anil Bansode says:

      Thank you JIM. I will give my best to God through music, and will give glory to His name….
      Thank you for your wonderful reply. God bless you.

  3. Annette1016 says:

    I come before you in Jesus name to ask that whatever is hindering Joel from where your spirit is sending him, be it man or spirit, that you make a way for him to get admission to BDA into Russia, that you loose the stronghold of the enemy over this situation so that no one may hinder your work to be done through the vessel of Joel, and that your Power and Glory shine through all that Joel does in your name, also father I ask that you place a hedge of protection around Joel and other members of your body in Russia and those at BDA as well. That your Glory and Praise will ring out through out all of Russia and more fruit will be ready for Harvest Through your beautiful Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus our King and righteousness, Amen!!!

  4. childofjesus says:

    Father in Heaven, I thank you for Joel’s life and for all the blessings in his life. As he is trying his best to get admission in BDS, please make a way for him. May he give glory to your Name and be a blessing to his family and Your Ministry !! In Jesus Name, i pray..Amen.

    • Joel Anil Bansode says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers everyone, God bless you. I got admission in BDS in India only, and the college is in the area where i stay. Praise the LORD! Thank you for praying for me.

      • childofjesus says:

        I thank the Lord for providing you admission in BDS. Praise His Holy Name. Also keep praising His Name through music.
        I take this opportunity to thank & praise God for blessing one of my dear one with a good job. The family had faced financial hardship but kept good faith & hope in Lord Jesus. He is the Faithful God !!

        • Annette1016 says:

          Praise Jesus Amen for the lord provides! I hope you enjoy India Joel and become all that God wants you to become there! Also I would like to take a momment to ask for everyones prayers for a Brother whom we have seen through a horrible ordeal and is still going through it. The information is personal, but the trial is still on going! I have not walked in his shoes, yet, he deserves our prayers and our Love, So will everyone please lift up our Brother Greg Wright and his family! They Need the protection of our lord and deliverance from destructive forces in their home and family. Also I have very Good news on Hailey from Arizona! She is doing very good she has cysticphibrosis and her blood type matched a new medication that so far worked and she is playing ball and running and enjoying her life! I dont believe her healing would have been so vast if we all had not prayed for her and lifted her up unto the perfect Healer, Jesus! Also one moreprayer request, my cousins husband Archie Anderson from Utah is suffering from lung Cancer, I am asking for anyone willing to fast and pray for his healing to please do so. With my sincere Heart And Gracious Spirit I Thank and appreciate each and everyone of you my fellow brothers and sisters in the family of God. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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