autonomous churches

Hi all,

What scriptural principals can be used for or against the idea that autonomous churches are God’s chosen or desired model for His Kingdom. I am interested because i believe that this doctrine, although not essential, does have an impact in understanding how the Spirit appoints gifts in each separate church and also how we could perhaps better understand God’s view of the roman catholic model which is of one central/global leadership as opposed to unconnected churches being governed soley by the Spirit and the Word.

I mean, if one was to start a church in a remote place, one would have the bible which is sufficient for all godliness when preached by the spirit. look what happened in China. Yet there is also a case for having impartation from generation to generation, as with the apostles.

Is there only one way?

I sound confused i know, just a lot of jumbled thoughts gone astray here but basically im asking your opinion on autonomy…

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