prayer warriors needed

I need allot of prayer,my minestry is getting ready to put on a huge conferance next month on  the  Suicide spirit,but I am getting allot of reports that so many christians want to go to hear about this but the number of people wanting to get involved in being greeters and ushers is down to almost none.So many christians are so afraid of this spirit that they dont want to have to pay any consequences so they dont want to get involved and now even my friend Ray is really being hit hard of suicide thoughts but didnt tell any one till now.Brothers andsisters in Christ you can not

Time to get real with God

I heard some speakers talk about how important it is to be holy and pure but we need to make sure that we dont fall in to religion.See catholics,mormons,jehovah witnesses,and some other so called religious groups like to where robes and look nice but we need to remember that Jesus Christ looks at the heart of us all.Jesus wants a real personel relationship with us because he loves us and he wants only the best for us.Look at these scriptures MT 15:8,MT 15:9,LUKE 11:39,LK 11:42,LK 11:43,LK 11:44-47,LK 13:24,LK 18:9,LK 18:11-12,LK 20:46,2 COR 5:12,MT 22:30 and TITUS 1:16.All these scriptur


I am going to put on one of the biggest conferances I have ever put on here soon and I would deeply appreciate all those that like to pray to stand with me in prayer for this conferance.The head lines in the christian paper and secular paper will read A former Satanist will be exposing allot of what is going on today.Sense my minestry began I had no idea ith would grow as fast as it is growing and the prayer request is coming in so much that I had to double my intercessors.This conferance I am excitted about because I will be sharing my testimoney and sharing what Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With:


Many people on this web sight know I have a deliverance minestry and I have written 2 books.I have a huge heart wanting people to get free because their bound by some type of torment.Well I have been hearing great reports of salvations,restorations,healings and people coming bacl to Christ through my minestry but to day I just recieved the biggest out pour of hatred from a person that I was in shock about.With my minestry reashing out to satanist and witches I knew I would be hated by them but this e mail I recieved to day was from another christian.According to this christian that hasnt

How to get your book published

Hello my name is Tim Thompson and I have been very blessed because I have written 2 books now that seem to be doing very well sense I am a new author.Many people have asked me who do I trust and why,I trust york shire because they work fo me,I dont work for them.They make money if I make money and when you publish a book through them you still own your book,many publishing companies want thousands of dollars and than tell you that if the book doesnt sall well we will make changes.York shire doesnt,see you still own your book so they cant make changes and york shire charges only 600.00 do


Many people claim that this religion or this piece of cloth or that statue has given them hope or has healed them.See I have worked with other minestries helping people get deliverd and I now have my own minestry and I am called by some people as a prophet or an apostle but I like Tim,thats my name and thats good enough for me because I dont need a title because I know who I am in christ.See when people claim I did this or that for them they dont understand it wasnt me,sure God used me to proclaim his power but God can use a donkey like he did in scripture.See I dont let people exalt me


Many people are getting really scared from all these prophesies about the end of the world is next year and how many horrible things are going to take place but lets just stop a second.Isnt God the one that created the world?Isnt also true that God saidnobody knows the hour otr time he is coming back for his bride?For over a hundred yearsso many false prohesiesand lies have been proclaimed about the word of god and god himself.But my God is all knowing,all loving and all powerful.We as christians need to quit doubting,quit wondering and quit listening to the lies of the secular world and

God is so awesome

I have some wonderful news,back in October my second book came out called SUICIDE SPIRIT.Well I have been getting e mails from people around the globe that the book has deeply touched their lives and many are being healed.I have had several people e mail me and let me know their not going to take their life now because the book has really proven to them that they are valuable.See so many people doubt themselves and doubt God but listen I was a very wicked and evil person before I got saved.I used to think all the time about sex,money and power but PRAISE JESUS CHRIST my life means someth

Take heed

Revelation 21:8 

8 But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.So many christians are really falling in to all kinds of sexual sins thinking its ok because we are just going to get married and I have seen so many christians openly talk about God in public


I have some very excitting news,I wrote a book called SUICIDE SPIRIT.Well a licensed councelor contacted me and said that my book is so powerful that he is going to recommend it to several of his clients and he saw many new ways to help those out who want to take their life because the book has opened his heart and eyes to the truth about this spirit and epedemic thats happening all over now.He really believes because of the insight God has given me he really believes he will save many lives now.This means a great deal to me because I am so humbled by just how awesome God is and just how


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