Speaking in tongues

What does the bible say about speaking in tongues? It seems to me that everyone that I have spoken to regarding this subject have a dierent opinion. Some people believe that every christian should be able to speak in tongues while others argue that speaking in tongues is a gift from God. If I can’t speak in tongues does that mean I am not right with God? I have been to a few churches where people prayed for me so that I could speak in tongues but it didn’t work. Personally, I don’t believe that speaking in tongues is something we can pray for , I think it is a spiritual gift.

He didn’t give up on me

Let me begin by saying that we serve an incredible God, his love for us is priceless and unfailing. I struggled with my faith in God for quite a long time, but I am pleased to say that “I was blind but now I see (spiritual blindness)”. For many years I did things my own way and I didn’t know Jesus until he found me a few months ago.


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