Hierarchies: Hidden Hordes of Heaven and Hell

Hierarchies: Hidden Hordes of Heaven and Hell Hierarchy is not an academic subject, as some might suspect, with little effect on daily life, but has powerful impact in our real world. To prove this, all that is needed is to look at what happened when one man tried to force his own vision of hierarchy […]

Listen to Jesus

Listen to Jesus Many people say that they are searching for God. But are they really? There is a way to tell. There is a test. That test was written down long ago. “As it is written in the Scriptures (prophets KJV), ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who hears and learns from […]

Getting Ready for the End

Getting Ready for the End How you view death–and life, for that matter–is going to become more and more important as we quickly progress into these last days. For we have been told by our Lord in many ways that the last days will bring to their climax both good and evil (Rev. 22:11) and […]

The Terror of the Night

The Terror of the Night Most people do not take life seriously enough. This is the conclusion of a person famous for his wisdom, king Solomon, after he searched exhaustively (Ecc. 1:13) for life’s meaning with the extraordinary wisdom given to him (James 1:5, 2 Ch. 1:11-12) by the Author of all wisdom (Col. 2:3). […]

Where Is God When Evil Comes?

Where is God when evil comes? The question has been around almost as long as human beings have been on this planet. Only that relatively short time (two chapters out of hundreds in the Bible) in the Garden of Eden shows a world devoid of evil and its consequent suffering. All the rest of the […]

Matthew Henry: Some Comments on Isaiah

This is a different sort of blog. I have gathered some quotations from Matthew Henry’s commentary on the Bible that impressed me with their pithy yet profound insight into God’s Word, specifically, in the book of Isaiah, my favorite book of the Bible (for one reason, because it covers everything, from start to finish, of […]

The Plumb Line of God

The Plumb Line of God There is a dangerous yet common misconception about God that is all too prevalent in the world and even some churches. It is a perception of God as one who is so kind and gentle and loving as to be weak and wishy-washy; that he would never judge a person […]

Can Man Do Better Than God?

Can Man Do Better Than God? The world is obsessed with this question. Not that it necessarily even thinks that there is a God at all, but if there is, it thinks, surely man can do a better job of things than God has done. That is the attitude behind much of what is seen […]

When They Hate You for Loving Them

Irena Sendler was a heroine of WW2 for her courageous and dangerous rescue of over two thousand Jewish children from the holocaust. As I watched a documentary about that rescue mission, I was struck by something she said: that many of the children whom she rescued hated her and her co-workers because they took them […]

2014-2015 Blood Moons: Why?

2014-2015 Blood Moons: Why? Some Christian watchmen have rightly pointed to signs in the sky in 2014 and 2015–the so-called Blood Moons–as events to which all people, believers and non-believers alike, should pay attention. There is no need to repeat their detailed information. Rather, the purpose here is to look at why God is doing […]


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