dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses

In the first year I found Jesus,or I should say He found me,I found my 1st encounter with Jeh. witnesses. After they began to tell me about their belief,I was new but something didn’t sound right.Well needless to say they jumped from 1 subject to another so fast,they lost me,and I felt I had let Jesus down. I talked to my pastor about what happened,and he told me more about them and said leave them alone. I guess he was right but I felt bad still. So I began to write notes and study on the things they said.

The Simple Truth

I hear and read from people young and old comments about current events and surprised when you say something relating them to the Bible. The strange look on their faces,as if they had no idea what you mean. When the Word of God has been preached and teached all these years,its easy to take for granted they know what you are talking about. The shame is on the christian,we are so busy trying to be Bible scolars,simple minded hard working people can’t understand a word said. There used to be most everyone had read some of the Bible,even those who hardly ever went to church.

The Price of Sin

For every action there is a reaction, we are even taught this in grade school. This is a true saying in all things. When people choose the party life it,more often than not they find themselves up to their neck in trouble, all at the same time trying to convince everyone how much fun they have. It seems strange that the fun and care free lifestyle that people say they have,are the same ones,are killing themselves or someone else or in jail. Sin is not free,there is always a price,sin will take you farther than you want to go and harder to come back ,or not back at all.

Power of Prayer

It was 6 years ago,my oldest son and his wife of 10 years seperated,with 2 kids 1 was 2,the other was 6. His wife left taking the kids. This is what the party life with lead to. My grandchildren both have C.F. Well after this came many problems for my son,also wars with me. My grand kids found themselves with a party hardy mother and the same with their dad. After 2 years of being moved around from place to place with their mother,she all but gave them up,so my son finally took them,but they stayed with me much of the time.

The False Prophet

As in the days when Jesus walked the earth, John the babtist was sent ahead of Jesus to preach of his coming. his job was to pave the way or prepare the people for his arrival. While in today’s world,the antichrist will copy his entrance in a simular manner,however my thinking is,he will be using money and business conections with powerful people.He will use his money to cause termoil in economies,drive prices of everything upand make people and their families so preoccupied with the trouble of the day,they won’t see the danger until its to late.

Rejoice for this generation

Just pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news,every where we are seeing prophesies being forfilled as we speak. Trials for the saints of God raining on us by the buckets. Strange days with family feuds,brother against brother, money almost worthless. It seems to take a suitcase full at the supermarket. Our churches are more like social clubs with playgrounds for the kids. For those with no hope heart attacks are on the rise. But you know ,the generations before us,would be shouting happy to have been able to see these things.

Deception in the midst

It seems in these last days,doctrins of devils are everywhere,,,just when you think you’ve heard them all,a new one shows up,,,people trying to cast out emotions,,,or naming dates of Lord’s return,,or aliens ,it goes on and on,,,,satan is injoying watching people tripping over themselves,only because they do not study and seek and pray on their own,,,,rather than listen to every old story a so called saint will tell,,,,Jesus said,,Is there any among you for the elders of the church, to pray a prayer of faith,,,,,and if any have sin,it shall be forgiven them,,,,Blood washed saints,,c

Fasting hr11s view

There are many ways to fast,and my way is not for everyone,but I read and have heard people speak about their different ways,,,Well its not important to say,many days and weeks and such I have been,,,for if I try to impress man by my sacrifices,then I have my reward already,and lose my reward from God!!

Signs of the times

These later years seem to be so fast paced,with so many things going on in the world,signs in the heavens and signs in the earth,mass confusion everywhere,sheep without a sherpard,,ask 20 people about the returning of Jesus,and get 20 different answers,,,In the early years of the church,the devils attack was easier to know,because he would try to kill anyone proclaming Christ and his teaching,,,but failed ,it grew instead,,,,but in these last days satan found a better way to steal your soul,,,instead of trying to stop the gospel,he just filled men with so many versions,people either are dece

bound on earth,bound in heaven

The words bound on earth,bound in heaven,can mean several things,but we sometimes bind ourselves from our own victory by either trying to hurry the deliverance or trying to help God,as if we could, or we just dont try hard enough and fall short, how many times do we give up ,maybe because we dont exspect our request .to be important enough, I believe that if we decide the devil has hindered us long enough and self has hindered us long enough.


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