Australia is Being Shaken. God is in Control. Now Victorian floods.

News reports are coming out of major flooding across large areas of Victoria, another state of Australia. You can look it up on google.

As an Australian that truly cares about the salvation of souls here and has given up some of the best years of my life in efforts to reach Australians with the gospel, I greet all this with mixed emotion.

On the one hand, I'm sorry for people who are suffering loss. Its real pain, real loss and it must be with reluctance that God permits this because the Bible says in Lamentations, "He does not willingly afflict the sons of men."

On the other hand, I have hope that these events may be a precursor to the spiritual awakening of people in our country.

I know of one evangelist in Australia who is nationally received  by many churches here who apparently said he has been praying that God will bring this nation DOWN economically, as he felt this was the only way many people here would be saved. I will not mention his name here, because I don't want to cause him any trouble from self-righteous prosperity orientated preachers who may use their influence to hurt this brother who does wonderful mission work around the world.


I always found the POOR were more receptive to the gospel. This I found in Romania, in India and wherever I have gone.

Australia is a nation where being a millionaire is regarded as nothing really special these days. Plenty of people have property and assets worth more than a million dollars. And even if you don't, Centrelink virtually guarantees you a safe if not comfortable life when you are disabled or not working. This country has been a place lately where living conditions have been excellent.

As a result, people have also been rather indifferent to the message of the gospel.

Some have tried to promote the gospel by telling people that God wants them to "have it all" as long as they give to the church. To me, this is another gospel. It has little to do with what Jesus talked about.

I suspect that God will use these events to get people in the mood to listen to something besides a guide on how to make more money or indulge their senses with greater sophistication. I believe that there is coming a time when Australians will be ready to hear the message concerning matters of eternity.

Without spiritual hunger, no one will go far with God.

Jesus pronounced a blessing on the POOR, and woes on the RICH.

It seems like God, in His great love, is getting ready to bless Australia with the things that REALLY COUNT.

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