attention all real christians

ATTENTION All Christians: we are made aware of the intense battle lately that we experiencing and in prayers it was revealed satan has given order to his angels to attack christians as we speak. we are asked to pray harder and fight heavenly spirits and marine or water spirits. when praying ask for Holy spirit fire to destroy those demonic angels and plead for blood of christ. it is a serious matter now and we need to pray for intervention.

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  1. Roadrunner says:

    Whats a marine spirit when its at home? and why do we have to pray to fight heavenly spirits (aren’t beings that live in heaven good, like God’s obediant angels), what do you mean by heavenly spirits? And marine spirits??

    Where was your source for this information, what was the situation when you received it?

    And another thing, aren’t Satans angels always looking to attack and tempt Christians, I thought they had always been mobilised to do this, given half a chance.

  2. marine or water spirits. ?

  3. Bikelite says:

    I do not understand? >>>>>> Please expand?

  4. danielkinyash says:

    we are asked to pray hard for satan has mobilised his angels to fight christians harder

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