At the crossroad of life

When I stood at the crossroad of life
I decided to follow You my Lord
Breaking the dreams once I had
First you choose me
Now I have chosen You above all that I had
There were tears in my eyes, I will not lie
But Your praise is above the pains of my heart

What will I do if I find all the joys of this world?
And lose the First Love of my life
They are nothing but the shadow of time
Eternity is far longer than this life
You gave and You took away
Their memories will fade and remain behind
But steadfastly I will walk towards the Author of my life

What will be my future I had not planned
Trusting everything in the hands of my Sovereign God
I decide to rest in the comfort of His presence
Blessings will come my way, I believe
Or trails of misfortunes will follow
I will not fear when You are by my side
At the Cross, You took away the burdens of my life

What do YOU think?



  1. I beleiave Anu that your love for Christ and the sacrafice you have made is an insperation to all Christians
    You gave up your first love..But look at the price the Lord paid for us …He understands how you feel sister

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Jae, to know the whole story is to know that our sister did NOT give up her first love. Jesus has always been that for our sister. It was a test of that love, that few pass as gracefully – though not painlessly – as our sister, to which Anu refers….

      • Thank you brothers for your prayers during this trial of my life. I always wanted to remain faithful to my First Love and by His grace I did it. Anything that tries to make me distant from my Lord is Egypt and I know coming out of Egypt and entering the Promise Land are two different things. I don’t want any lack of faith that would take me years to reach where I always wanted to be. Please pray that God will make the way clear to me so that I don’t remain in wilderness.

        I am happy that God had fulfilled the secret desire of my heart (that I had since my childhood days) to remain sanctified for Him and see today He had fulfilled that wish of my heart. My life was entangled with the cares of this world but now it is set free. It’s a time to rejoice and not to be sad. Thank you Lord.

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Beautiful…. Knowing the price you paid sister, makes it priceless!

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