The Gospel, or Good News of Jesus Christ

This is the message that Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection defeated Satan legally and paid for our sins, so that all who believe and want to return to God may now do so, and enjoy all the wonderful blessings and benefits that come through Him as well as being released from sin and its consequences. The greatest blessing, if only people knew it, is to have experiential fellowship with God through Jesus Christ on a daily, even hourly basis. This is now possible. May God help us to go after it. My main article on the good news is here.

Thoughts on Sickness and Discerning the Lord’s Body

There is a rather intriguing and mysterious passage in the Bible found in the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 11, in which Paul seeks to correct some of the abuses that were happening in relation to the Lord's supper. Paul's main concern seems to be that this celebration of the Lord's Supper should be done in a way pleasing to God. This is because Jesus Christ Himself commanded it to be done. And Paul writes:

What Shall We Do With Jesus?

What Shall We Do With Jesus?

It is the question of the ages and can be answered in many ways. Six of those ways are examined here.

ONE: We can hide him or proclaim him.

Jesus himself said that those who believe in him are to go out into the whole world and proclaim him as its Savior (Mt. 28:19,20). He is the good news that this dark world needs so desperately to hear.

Want Deliverance?

It is one thing to know or suspect that you need deliverance from demons in your struggle against the power of sin. It is another thing sometimes to find a pastor or minister who has time to help. I believe all pastors and church leaders need to begin to get equipped in this area. Then they can equip others to do this vital work. Some of us need refresher courses in this area too.

The Incredible Rewards for Faithful Servants of God

Does God have a heart to reward His faithful servants? I just want to encourage those of you out there who are serving Christ with your whole heart. If you are serving for the right reasons you are definitely in line for rewards that are so huge, you cannot begin to fathom them now!


"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him". 1 Corinthians 2:9

I just hope you will read that sentence again, and again, and again.

The Truth About God

Do you ever wonder about things?

Do you wonder who you are?

Do you ever ask, "Why am I here?"

Have you ever asked if there is a plan or meaning to your life?

Have you ever asked if there is a reason why the world is here?


I want you to know about God.

There is a God.

It is God who made the world.

It is God who gave you life.

Your parents had a role in your coming to earth.

But God had a plan for you before the world was made.

Do you want to know God's plan?

Maturity and Spiritual Growth

Exercise and practice are essential in spiritual growth (1 Timothy4:7).. Train yourself to be godly
Maturity is a state of something , of someone getting close to every qualities.
Spiritual Growth is the development in the goal to reach into maturity , in the Bible , it s called Perfection. It s good to differenciate worldly maturity and Christian s maturity.

Video – Core Elements of Jesus’ Ministry

What were the basic activities of Jesus Christ? What message did Jesus preach? What was the response Jesus called for? This video seeks to answer these questions from Mark 1:14-20

Borderline Personality Disorder Mimics Demonic Possession

     Borderline personality disorder is a phrase that psychologists and psychiatrists are quick to put on patients. This label can not only be incredibly damaging to the patient, but also extremely limiting. Spiritual aspects of disease and illness is rarely taken into consideration and this is a major oversight in allopathic and mental health fields of medicine. 

Holy Terror



“Let the WORD of the Lord be true, and let every man be a liar,” says the Lord.

“Bring your heart before Me, and let Me examine you.
The time has come,… IT IS NOW!
How will you be counted?

You can not hide in the hiding places of the earth.
You can only hide in the open,… in ME.

My name shall be ‘HOLY TERROR’ for what I am bringing upon the earth.

You can not hide anywhere except in ME.

Let the truth stand, and let all things fall where they fall.
Speak the truth, and hide in ME.

My HOLY TERROR is coming.”


My People


“My people perish for lack of knowledge.

The knowledge that I speak of is the knowledge of Me,…

Do you understand?

My people perish, for the lack, of the knowledge, of ME,” says the Lord!


“And who are the people that I speak of,…
the pagans who call upon other gods,
the goats who openly reject My name?

Wake up, O foolish children!
The people that I speak of are those who call themselves by My name!
They are those who call themselves ‘Christians’ and ‘the Chuch’.


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