Christian Salvation Teachings

Salvation is necessary because people and things here have become deeply corrupted.

If you were to die tonight, would God accept you in heaven? You would if you are truly IN CHRIST. Find out what salvation means. It means more than just being forgiven. God's salvation most importantly gives us cleansing and a new identity so we may escape eternal judgment and enjoy life in God's family.

Salvation also includes deliverance from curses, healing, the transformation of the mind and ultimately a new body in the resurrection. Call out to God. Turn back to God. Yield to God and let Him work in you.

The world and the people in it are broken, defective and corrupt because of the Fall of Man and the spread of sin to all mankind. Against this dark backdrop, God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to save, or rescue sinners (that's you and me).

Salvation is what Jesus did to reverse the effects of the Fall of Man. Everything included in the work of salvation is received through faith. This includes the forgiveness of sins, a new spiritual life, the transformation that comes by the renewing of our mind, divine healing, the resurrection from the dead, deliverance from demons (evil spirits), emotional healing and deliverance from all kinds of CURSES. There is a lot involved in what Jesus did. It was all achieved at the cross where He became our substitute. No other price short of the blood of the pure Son of God was sufficient to pay for all this. We can have these things if we believe. Some of them require patience and some will only be fulfilled in the Age to Come. Nevertheless, it is true to say that God is more willing for us to receive than we are to believe. And this limits the effects of salvation in our lives.

Call out to God. Turn back to God. Yield to God and let Him work in you.

For a good introduction, check out this article on the Good News.

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Video Bible study on 1 John 1 – Sin and the Christian

This is part of a series of video Bible studies on 1 John 1, which deals with the relationship between sin and the Christian.

Is Repentance Required for Salvation or is such teaching a form of Works Righteousness?

If a person claiming to be a Christian embraces an ungodly lifestyle and refuses to change his or her mind and forsake this lifestyle, and they die, will they go to heaven or hell?

What if that person firmly believes that because of the sacrifice of Jesus, their sins are covered by the blood and they are under the grace of God? What if they also say that they have at one time "received Jesus as Lord and Savior"? What if they call Jesus Lord when they pray and even say, "Jesus is Lord!" on various occasions.

Falling Short of the Grace of God – Is this possible?

On a recent Facebook post of mine someone commented:

You said "While legally Christ has dealt with our sin once and for all, Christians often do fall short of the grace of God"… If it is Grace, how does a lack of righteousness cause me to fall short of it? Only trusting my righteousness can do that.

Allow me to refer to the Scriptures:

“I Have my Own Religion” – an Australian excuse for refusing to hear the gospel

I just returned from the local park where I felt to go and give someone the message of the gospel. Honestly, your chances of getting the message through to a total stranger are in my view almost as good as getting it through to a close relative who is gospel resistant. Some people for YEARS won't can't manage to communicate the gospel with the latter. On the other hand, I've met many people who were quite willing to politely listen.

Fallen Teachers become False Teachers – 2 Peter 2

We've been looking at some of the characteristics of False Teachers in recent studies. This evening I'd like to point out something the Bible says about them which should cause us all to take heed, especially if any of us are in any sense Bible teachers or teachers of the people of God.

HOW GREAT is THAT DARKNESS – by Coach Dave Daubenmire

“But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness” -Matthew 6:23

Victory over Sin


From “Catch the Glorious Fire” by Ps Paul Quadros – Chapter 29

order to increase the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives we must
become overcomers, especially in the areas of sin and temptations.
We must be extremely careful not to quench the flow of the Spirit in
our lives (Eph 4:29-30). As faith and love gradually grow in our
lives, so also the fire of revival must increase and spread

Personal Revival Manual – Catch the Glorious Fire

This book was written by Paul Quadros, a man of God who has been involved in church planting, pastoring and evangelism for many years. He has been a senior elder within the vast New Life Movement International Trust in Mumbai churches. Having known Paul closely and personally I would highly recommend his ministry and writings. He is someone who has demonstrated great love for God, for people, for the church and for lost souls and has a wealth of experience in serving others.

Paul can be contacted by email on paulquadros @AT@ gmail DOT com. Just get rid of the AT@.

Theology of Righteousness in Acts 10 – The Story of Cornelius

I wonder how neatly the story of Acts chapter 10 and 11 fits into your theology. In much traditional protestant theology, especially amongst the followers of Calvin, there is a strong belief if the "total depravity" of those who are not regenerate by means of the gospel. The idea here is that nothing an unregenerate person thinks or does is actually clean or righteous. There are also those in various traditions who believe that without water baptism, a person is not born again.

Character Confession




James 1:19 let every man
be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, for the Wrath of man does not
produce the righteousness of God


James 1:5 If any of you
lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally And without reproach,
and it will be given to him.



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