How to Tell Who is a Child of God and Who a Child of the Devil

The answer to this question is given explicitly and repeatedly in 1 John 3, and elsewhere in the book of 1 John. Jesus also referred to it on the Sermon on the Mount.

Complicated theologies which attempt to discount the importance of repentance from dead works in truly coming to Christ and staying with Christ cannot be reconciled with John’s simple test of who actually IS a child of God.

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Is Repentance Required for Salvation or is such teaching a form of Works Righteousness?

If a person claiming to be a Christian embraces an ungodly lifestyle and refuses to change his or her mind and forsake this lifestyle, and they die, will they go to heaven or hell?

What if that person firmly believes that because of the sacrifice of Jesus, their sins are covered by the blood and they are under the grace of God? What if they also say that they have at one time "received Jesus as Lord and Savior"? What if they call Jesus Lord when they pray and even say, "Jesus is Lord!" on various occasions.

Falling Short of the Grace of God – Is this possible?

On a recent Facebook post of mine someone commented:

You said "While legally Christ has dealt with our sin once and for all, Christians often do fall short of the grace of God"… If it is Grace, how does a lack of righteousness cause me to fall short of it? Only trusting my righteousness can do that.

Allow me to refer to the Scriptures:


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