If the Church Building is “the House” of God, why are Religious “Resources” sold there?

I normally just cringe when I hear Pentecostal church leaders talking about their building as “the House” or “this House” – meaning I suppose, the House of God. For one thing, it seems to be a very Old Covenant way of looking at things. The Old Covenant had its central tabernacle, and later its Temple, where people would come to offer sacrifices to God for their sins. That “house” was the place where God especially dwelled.

El ayuno – clave para el poder

Se ha dicho con razón que la oración no es la preparación para la batalla – La oración es la batalla. Y de todas las cosas que podemos hacer para aumentar el poder y la orientación de la oración, el ayuno es sin duda el más potente.

Aquí es donde la potencia es menos, porque el ayuno nos pone en armonía con un dios todopoderoso que exige la humildad de aquellos que desean estar cerca de él. El ayuno humilla la carne. Cuando se hace con ese fin, le place al Espíritu de Dios.

Praising God – what can it do in and for you?


When I was at church yesterday
evening, a word came from the Lord through the pastor’s wife that He
wants us to praise, because those who are worshippers are those who
hear the voice of God. If you want direction from the Lord in any
area of your life, get into praise. This puts you in such a place in
God where you can hear His voice clearer.

A Pastor who can’t lead his church to a Prayer Meeting should not be leading them at all

The Gospel is all about bringing God and people together. If Christian people have any real understanding of the way the world works, they know that PRAYER is vitally IMPORTANT and United Prayer of Christians together is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

A compilation of New Testament prayers to pray for yourself or others

Dear friends in Christ,

I had it on my heart to compile a list of New Testament prayers because I felt that it would be very useful to us as believers to pray for the things that apostle Paul – and obviously God – thought it was important to pray for. This way we are praying according to the will of God and according to the mind of Christ.

What is Dependence on God and why does God value it so much?

The Bible says that God’s children are predestined to be conformed to the image of Jesus.

Romans 8:29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

What is our end goal: our happiness or to serve God unconditionally?

How do you react when God seems to deny you what you ask in prayer, at least for the time being, and you do not understand why? What if you prayed for a long time and it still did not get answered yet? Does that make you change the way you think or feel about God? Does it makes you feel dissapointed or maybe offended with God? Does it affect the quality of your relationship and intimacy with God? Believe me, it did affect mine in the past, and it took me 4 years and a LOT of pain of mind and soul to get to understand what I am writing to you about below.


Learning how to hear God’s voice – things I am learning only now

I have to say to my shame that there are certain basic things I never much practiced concerning how to hear God’s voice personally for myself. I believe the lack of knowledge here has limited the effectiveness of my communication with the Lord until now. Though I’ve heard God’s voice on many things, there are also many things in which I know I have acted presumptuously, and the bad results made me question the wisdom of trying to get specific guidance outside of just reading the Bible. However, the Bible is full of people who heard God in other ways besides reading the Holy Scriptures, and it contains many promises that God’s people can and do hear God’s voice (e.g. John 10:27).

Two principles I am learning are as follows:

1. When asking God to speak to us, evil spirits might give a reply also – by various means. Therefore, before expecting to hear from God, it is very good to verbally command the powers of darkness which may or may not be around to BE SILENT. Bind the powers of darkness before attempting to hear God on an important issue you are inquiring the Lord on.

2. The quality of our guidance depends on the condition of our hearts. The main problem we all face is PRIDE. The Bible says in Obadiah 3:

Answers to Prayer through Meditating with the Holy Spirit

Just lately I was reading Dr. Yonggi Cho’s book – “The Fourth Dimension – Part II”. In His Chapter, “The Holy Spirit and You”, Cho describes some lessons God taught him in prayer. Cho is the pastor of possibly the largest church in the world, in Seoul Korea. This does not mean his theology on prayer is to be unquestioningly accepted, but it does suggest that the man has learned something from God on how to get practical results and specifically “answers to prayer”.

Prayer for Personal Salvation

Please note: this prayer is NOT a magic formula. To be saved and reconciled to God you need to realize that you must give up your rebellion against God and His laws, and that you need to cast yourself totally into the hands of God, because you cannot save yourself, sufficiently change yourself or do something to pay for or atone for your past. All of us had to realize this.

O Father God in Heaven, I come to you because I need your forgiveness. I have done wrong. I confess to you all my sins .


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