Seeing Jesus Visibly

It fascinates me to hear all these reports of muslims and others having face to face enounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that the Lord can do this for anyone He wants to, and sometimes chooses to do this for people who have no prior knowledge of Him. But I’m hoping to see […]

How to find the right marriage partner – reflections on my time in India and overseas

My opinion on how to go about marriage – arranged marriage or love marriage or? – reflections on my time in India and general reflections from my experience as a pastor’s wife and in life The question exists today for Christians around the world, both in the West and in the East, how do I […]

God’s mercy endures forever

I have a wonderful family. My husband is growing in the Lord pretty well. We have witnessed many blessings.We have a 5 year son and wanted to have our second kid, but due to some reason I could not conceive. It was almost a year, we waited upon the Lord but we did’nt get any […]

System for Organising Of Priorities, Tasks and Routines so you live a life of purpose and direction – excellent for mums and busy people

I was very organized and efficient with my time before I became a mum. Then my work increased considerably and I was at a loss of why I can’t seem to keep on top of things. After a while I resolved to find an organization system or make one of my own. I have tried […]

How to be wise in the last days

These are some thoughts that God put in my heart today, so I thought I would share them here in the hope that others can benefit and be encouraged and motivated by them:

If in the last days the love of many will grow cold, then I want to make every effort to walk in love no matter what is thrown at me.

If Jesus is wondering if He will find faith on the earth when He returns, then I want to believe and choose to trust God even when:
– I don’t understand
– when it does not make sense
– and no matter what my mind or heart says at times or what the circumstances try to say.

Dream about the coming of Jesus as King and the horror people will experience as they realize there is no more time to repent

This morning – Thursday, 20th of September, I woke up from a dream that shook me. In the dream Jesus was sited on a chair on a platform and people were in the crowd in the hall. The people represented the world in general. This was a waiting time before Jesus was to come back and declare Himself as King. Suddenly Jesus got up very confidently from the chair and walked very determined , with the chin up and with the authority of a King written all over Him.

How can we know the Will of God?

Today as I was praying, I was faced with a great need to hear God about our future. We have 3 options before us in 3 different countries. How can we know for sure that we are hearing God and not get it wrong? Getting it wrong would be quite costly when you consider the implications of moving the family overseas.

Keys to Being Led by the Spirit

My wife Marilena has been reading Kenneth E. Hagin's book "How to be Led by the Spirit of God". Its a book I read years ago and I have ignored some of the principles of the book in the last few years – no doubt to my own great loss.

We have this tendency to want to speak with a spiritual man or a prophet about what we should do in life, but this is a very dangerous practice even for sincere Christians.

What we need to do, according to Hagin in his book, is develop and train our human spirit, which has been regenerated by God when we were born again.

Turn your Trials Into Gold

Sometimes we go through trials, problems, hurts, lack, etc and we wonder what is happening to us, where is God in all of this, what are we suppose to understand from it and how are we supposed to respond to it all. We can get discouraged, worried, stressed and even depressed. How can we go through these things as overcomers?
Well, there are about 3 – 4 Scriptures that help us a lot with this. Let's look at them.

Turn your Trials into Gold – Part 2

In the last article I spoke about rejoicing in our trials and glorying in them, by letting patience do it's full work in us, so we may become perfect, complete, lacking nothing, in other words – like Jesus. In this article I would like to discuss the actual practical steps on HOW do we do that, how do we go through trials in a way that Christ gets formed in us. What are the keys for doing this victoriously?


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