The Reason for Communion – Don’t Forget Him! He longs for you!

Today God dropped a message in my heart. The reason for communion. Why did Jesus setup communion? He said it was so we will remember Him. Why do we need to do something often to remember Him? Why? What is God’s reason and why does it matter so much to Him that He wants us […]

Should we use media to reach out or is it too impersonal?

I have decided to write this as an article because I was surprised to see that many believers disagree. I obviously agree because this message reached you via media, but I used to disagree! This is a rather personal subject to me because God took me on a journey for a couple of years teaching […]

Thoughts from the garden of Gethsemane

I really like this story in the Bible about Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, not because I like gloomy stories, but because it brings me close to the heart of God. It acts like a zoom into the heart of God for me and I usually get awfully quiet in my heart as […]

How to react and what to do when God speaks to you

As I read the Bible today,  from Luke 22 about Jesus’ prayers in Gethsemane, some things gripped my heart. It is the familiar feeling of God sharing His heart with me, not just the pretty and joyful parts, but things that sadden Him. He called us friends, and friends don’t just share joys and successes, […]

You are God’s spokesman in the earth!

If you only knew who you are, at the heart level, life will not feel boring, a drag or just too hard! You will understand how valuable you are to God in just being you, how powerful your life speaks and how important what comes out of your mouth is for eternity! God has been […]

How to Hear from God

We live in a world where so many things call for our attention. Information is at our finger tips. Our heads are full of thoughts that either come from the media, from external life circumstances or from our own mind racing to all kinds of things. We think of all the options we have, we formulate our […]

How to be happy

Happy are not those people who have a lot and for whom things go well in life. Happy are those who know how to rejoice in what they have and be thankful for it. And those who are content with what they have, and trust God for more without being stressed that is not already […]

Are you valiant for the truth?

Today I wept. I read something that troubled me. I wept from the bottom of my heart, the way a woman cries when she is betrayed by an unfaithful husband. I thank God that I never experienced this in real life, I’ll be eternally grateful to Michael for his faithfulness to me. I was not […]

How to forgive and why we fail at times

Learned something very precious today about forgiving others. It’s really not about that person and you. It is about your response to God when He commands you in the Bible to forgive others. It doesn’t matter what that person did, if it was intentional or not, if they apologized or were sincere in their apology […]

Are you using the talents before Jesus returns?

“I haven’t seen this before, though I have read these passages multiple times. This morning I was reading from Matthew 25. First comes the parable of the foolish and wise virgins, then it ends with: “WATCH therefore, for you know neither the day not the hour in which the Son of Man is coming. FOR […]


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