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Learn what faith is and how to grow in faith with this teaching article and other writings below. Faith is infinitely valuable to us because without faith we cannot please God (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is that inner knowing, that confidence in God that comes from REALLY hearing God's message with the heart. God wants us to be sure of what we hope for according to His promises, and certain of what we do not (yet) see. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, and it is an offence against God Almighty to doubt or reject His message. On the other hand, trusting and obeying God puts us in a place where God will put His resources at our disposal so that we can execute His will as His ambassadors on the earth.

A Message on Faith June 12, 2011 by Ps Peter Earle

Ps Peter Earle of Networx Church speaks about the power of faith in the name of Jesus looking at the story in Acts and more.

How to Abide in Jesus and Know It

John taught often the power and importance of abiding in Jesus. Here he tells us how we can do this, and how we can be sure that we really are abiding in Jesus. God gives us confirmation that we are through His Spirit.

A Major Key to Developing Faith and Having Confidence with God – Obedience

John taught that if we do what God told us to do, we are going to have confidence before God and receive answers to prayer. So obedience to God is a major key to developing strong faith.

On the contrary, disobedience to God will surely weaken our confidence and hinder our ability to receive answers to prayer from God.

Sinning versus Knowing God – Bible Study on 1 John 2:1-4

John writes so that we may not sin. And yet we have Jesus Christ going to bat for us before the Father at the times we do sin. In this teaching we look at the great blessing it is to have Jesus as our advocate. At the same time, we examine what John says is the Scriptural test for whether we really know Jesus or not.

Personal Revival Manual – Catch the Glorious Fire

This book was written by Paul Quadros, a man of God who has been involved in church planting, pastoring and evangelism for many years. He has been a senior elder within the vast New Life Movement International Trust in Mumbai churches. Having known Paul closely and personally I would highly recommend his ministry and writings. He is someone who has demonstrated great love for God, for people, for the church and for lost souls and has a wealth of experience in serving others.

Paul can be contacted by email on paulquadros @AT@ gmail DOT com. Just get rid of the AT@.

Hearing God, Things that Help

I’m contemplating how this matter of
hearing God works. There are plenty of clues in the Bible. The Bible
is amongst other things a record of people who correctly heard the
Word of the Lord. If God spoke to people by His Spirit, at times
without using the Scriptures, and He is the same today, then He can
still speak to people things not strictly written in the Scriptures.
This is not to say that God would say anything which contradicts His
revealed will in the New Testament, or the revelation of His
character found throughout the whole Bible.

Should We Make Positive Confessions about Prosperity?

Over the last 25 years that I have been a Christian, I’ve met a lot of different Christian people with a lot of different thoughts and ideas. I’ve been in quite a few different types of churches, with different kinds of teaching emphases. Online also, you will encounter many very sincere and dedicated Christians who believe that anything to do with the “prosperity gospel” is ipso facto HERESY, and so its like “Run away!” I’m sure I’ve also met some real scammers and con-artists who were into “Name-it-and-claim-it” type doctrines.

Think Like God, Act like God – part 2

As you establish your life with God in prayer and meditate upon His Word, you spirit will start to come alive, or be quickened to God’s Word. As you go about your day, His Word will come to your mind as you encounter different situations. I use these opportunities to pray the Word. In this way we become aligned with God and we start to think like God and talk like God.

Think like God, Talk like God

God’s character is revealed in His Word. As we pour over the Word of God in our time with Him we become acquainted with God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Trinity. The Word of God will begin to affect your life for good. You […]

Building in the Spirit – Faith Building





2 Corinthians 4:18 while we look not at
those things which are seen, but at the


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