Christian Fellowship and the Church of Jesus Christ

When two or three people led together by the Holy Spirit gather together in Jesus' name, He promises to be there. When we fellowship in Jesus' name, when we pray together in His name, when we really recognize Him and hear Him and do what He wants, then we have an authentic church, capable of exercising divine authority in a situation.

The Church is described by various metaphors, such as the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the Temple of God, the Army of God and more. The articles in this category delve more into the nature and operation of the church of Jesus Christ as it was meant to be, and can be, if we will listen.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.To be a Christian you must at the very least come to believe certain things about the identity of this Jesus who lived on earth approximately 2000 years ago, and furthermore, you must confess this belief before men (Matthew 10:33).

If the Church Building is “the House” of God, why are Religious “Resources” sold there?

I normally just cringe when I hear Pentecostal church leaders talking about their building as “the House” or “this House” – meaning I suppose, the House of God. For one thing, it seems to be a very Old Covenant way of looking at things. The Old Covenant had its central tabernacle, and later its Temple, where people would come to offer sacrifices to God for their sins. That “house” was the place where God especially dwelled.

WARNING to THE “APOSTLES” – Andrew Strom

An Open Letter to Peter Wagner, Dutch Sheets & Other “Apostles”. I recently received a report of a new “Apostolic Network” headed up by Dutch Sheets which held a gathering in Florida last week to “carve up” territories for it’s ‘apostles’, etc. I need to put in writing what I believe the Lord would say […]

Saturation Church Planting

I encouraged people from the United World Mission when I worked in Romania as a church planter. They had some excellent materials concerning their vision of “Saturation Church Planting”. Each module builds on the next and has sections on The Church, Christian Character, Prayer, Bible Study Methods, Evangelism. You can get the PDF manuals here. […]

Church Planting Manual by Ps John Iuliano

Church Planting Manual by Pastor John Iuliano Chapter 1: Why plant churches Chapter 2: Profile of a church planter Chapter 3: Methods of church planting Chapter 4: Clarifying your vision Chapter 5: Planning Chapter 6: Developing a core group (nucleus) Chapter 7: Doing a feasibility study (demographics) Chapter 8: Public interest meeting Chapter 9: Preparing […]

What is a Body that becomes a Business?

-by David Ryser.

A number of years ago, I had the privilege of teaching at a school
of ministry. My students were hungry for God, and I was constantly
searching for ways to challenge them to fall more in love with
Jesus and to become voices for revival in the Church. I came across
a quote attributed most often to Rev. Sam Pascoe. It is a short
version of the history of Christianity, and it goes like this:

God’s Commission to Pastors

As we get into “God’s Commission to Pastors” we are going to examine it through the passages in Ezekiel 34. First let’s define our terms.

What is a “commission”?

Commission — 1. the act of committing or giving in charge. 2. an authoritative order, charge, or direction. 3. authority granted for a particular action or function. 18. to authorize, send on a mission. [Source Random House Collegiate Dictionary]

What is a Pastor?

Home Bible Studies illegal soon in the USA?

The rate at which a full on persecution of Christianity in America is being prepared is on the increase. World Net Daily reports that a San Diego pastor is being threatened with fines for holding Bible studies in his home. Here is how things work. Instead of outright banning of something like Bible studies in your home, the government demands an expensive permit process to go on.

Organisation for the Promotion of Doing the Word

There’s a subtle trap in much of Christianity today, and it is as old as book of James. We’ve got a lot of emphasis on turning up for meetings, but not a lot of emphasis on checking whether people are ACTUALLY DOING what the Word of God says. Going to lots of meetings is NOT a substitute for doing the things that God commands – and there are a lot of them that can only be done OUTSIDE of church meetings.

James 1:22 “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

I’m thankful for people that go to Christian meetings where the Word of God is preached, and we all need that. However, there is a shocking lack of personal coaching for Christians. Honestly, how concerned are we for the people we know on the issue of whether they are actually DOING what the Lord tells us to do through His Word.

New House Church in Brisbane, Australia

I believe God has led my family and I together with another Christian family to begin a house church in Brisbane, Australia. There is a growing trend towards hosting the meetings of the Body of Christ in private homes. This is the way Christianity first spread, and it will be way in the End Times Church also.


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