Christian Apologetics and Defending the Faith

Christian Apologetics is about showing the reasonableness of faith in Jesus Christ. There are varying approaches to this subject. One can talk about historical evidences, legal evidences, experiential evidences, philosophical arguments and more. In the end, we actually rely on God communicating the reality of His existence to us, if we are to know anything for sure. Some would argue that He has done this through nature itself. This is a Scriptural viewpoint, as the Bible says that what may be known about God is clear to all men, being understood by the things that are made (see Romans 1).
The main arguments for the reasonableness of faith in Christ appeal to things like fulfilled Bible prophecy, the circumstances around the alleged resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and the changes that many testify to in response to prayer.

A wise Christian understands that without the working of the Spirit of Truth in a person's soul, they may not yield to the truth about God. They may really be unaware of some important truths. Therefore, in the end, though we may believe our arguments are strong, it will take a move of God in response to fervent, heartfelt prayers of righteous people in order to convince people that Christ should be trusted.

Philip Johnson Articles

  1. Academic Freedom · This article raises legal issues of whether an academic is even allowed to doubt evolution and teach his views without breaking the American law.
  2. Blind Watchmaker · A critique of Richard Dawkins’ ideas in his “Blind Watchmaker” and “Climbing Mount Improbable” books using the ideas of biochemist Michael Behe.
  3. Comparing Hostage Takers · Phillip E.

On the Bible

The Bible – What it is and Why We Can Trust its Message

The Bible itself speaks of a living, personal God, who created the Heavens
and the Earth. It presents an intelligent and accurate history of God’s dealings
with people until the time of the early church. Though written over a period
of more than 1500 years through many different writers from all walks of life,
it presents a consistent picture of who God is, who we are, what God wants,
the consequences of our actions and the future.

Is God Illogical?

It is argued that: “Atheists can know that God does not exist with 100% probability if they can show that the concept of God is incoherent or logically inconsistent with states of affairs we do experience, just as you, right now, can know with 100% probability that there are no such things as round squares, or gods that prevent all murders, even though you do not ‘know all things in the Universe.’ ”

I am waiting for the arguments to show that the very idea of God as a Creator of the Universe contains logical contradictions.

Is God Real?

We can know God is real when we experience His reality. God wants us
to know that He is real. One way you can find out for sure is through an
experimental approach. Pray a prayer like this:

“God, if you are real, show me. If you really exist, I want to know
before it is too late.”

No one else needs to know if you prayed such a prayer. If there is no
God, then He can’t respond to any prayer.

Who actually wrote the gospels?

Who Wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Different Opinions on Jesus – who to believe?

Many people today have an opinion about who Jesus really was and what he
taught. Muslims say that Jesus was a prophet, a miracle worker, but not
the Son of God. They even deny he was crucified. The Qu’ran makes various
claims about what Jesus said and did.

Genesis One

Can We Make Sense of the Genesis 1 Creation Account?

If one desires to believe that the Hebrew creation account given
in Genesis Chapter 1 is truly part of the inerrant Word of God, does that
oblige one to believe such things as this:

a. The whole Universe, including man, was created in 7 literal 24 hour
day periods?

b. That God created the earth (vs 1) before He created even light?
(vs 3)

c. That God created plants and trees (vs 11) before He created the
sun, moon and stars? (vs 14-19)

The answer is NO.

For Skeptics

‘All true philosophers should keep their eyes open. Even if we have never seen a white crow, we should never stop looking for it. And one day, even a skeptic like me could be obliged to accept a phenomenon I did not believe in before.

Does God exist?

I shall always be convinced that a watch proves a watchmaker, and that a universe proves a God. Voltaire

Here we have the saying of an great influential thinker, who was by no means a Christian. Multitudes of great minds have believed and do believe in God's existence, but today some would have us think that belief in God is illogical, foolish and incompatible with observable facts.

Did Jesus Exist?

Is the Bible the only historical evidence that Jesus called the Christ
ever lived on earth?

Communists taught that Jesus never even existed. Are Christians foolishly
relying on a made-up story about a Jesus that never even existed? Do Christians
believe that Jesus exists or existed only because “the Bible says so” or
are there other reasons for believing in Jesus’ existence?

Well, actually, Jesus is mentioned by early historians who were not
Christians. Let’s see what we can learn from them about Jesus.


Darwinism Debunked – Evolution Exposed

Naturalistic evolution is the idea that systems, especially biological systems, get more complex by themselves, without the need for some mind or spirit to guide their development. Darwinism proposes that minor changes which give certain biological organisms a survival advantage compound over time to produce major variations and changes, and that ultimately this can explain the origin of species, including man.


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