Big Issues from a Christian Point of View

Major issues that affect people in the world today. Discussion of spirituality, religion, life after death, ethics, sexuality.

Does Christianity give good answers to the questions of philosophers?

Philosophy deals with at least these three main questions:

1. What is it that really exists?
2. What should we do?
3. How can we really know anything for sure?

Philosophies that answer the first question are dealing in something called “metaphysics”. The second question is dealt with in the area called “ethics” and the third in the area called “epistomology”.

Every person answers these questions somehow.

Why “Sympathy for the Devil” is just plain wrong

The Rolling Stones years ago came out with a song “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Christian TV channels should NOT support false prophets and teachers

As someone who is involved in setting up Christian TV channels, I feel it is important to state that FINANCIAL REALITIES DO NOT TRUMP GOD’S COMMANDS NOT TO BE PARTNERS WITH FALSE PROPHETS/TEACHERS.

In other words, just because a certain preacher can raise a lot of money from people on TV and can pay handsomely for TV time, does not mean that it is God’s will that his or her message be heard on TV.

The influence of Television is Massive. True Christians SHOULD be aiming to get hold of this medium.

False prophecies about the Australian election

Our God cares for the poor and oppressed, those crying out in pain who have been forsaken by all.

Sexual Immorality – teaching by Marlies Zechner

From Miracles Still Happen – book 2

Sexual immorality is a well-worn tool of the evil one. Over the many years I have served God I have counselled hundreds and hundreds of men and women who were imprisoned by demons of lust, pornography, sexual fantasy, masturbation and perversion.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu rebukes the church for being “homophobic”

You can see just where we are today, how close we are to the end of the age, when church leaders who are widely praised by all kinds of Christians come out to bash those who want to uphold the teaching of Scripture.

Visions of the World of Spirits received by Sadhu Sundar Singh


The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it’s Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life, Sundar’s mother would take him week by week to sit at the feet of a sadhu, an ascetic holy man, who lived some distance away in the rainforest.

But with the death of his beloved mother when he was only fourteen years old, the young Sundar grew increasingly despairing and aggressive.

Does the Church Speak for God?

Some people believe that their church speaks for God – that if the church has spoken, God has spoken. Others reject organised religion totally and trust more in their own inner spirituality for guidance. How can we know what God is really saying? In this article I give my own perspective on some of the very important questions people must look at if they seek to find God’s will in the midst of the spiritual confusion that exists today.

Does the Church Speak for God?

By God, I mean the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. If atheists are right, the question itself is foolish.

Can We Trust Holy Books?

Unless we have good reasons, we should not totally trust any of the major Scriptures of the world’s religions. The simple reason for this is that they contradict each other. Some of them contradict themselves quite seriously!

The Qu’ran recommends the prophetic writings which came before it, but it is doubtful if Mohammed ever read them himself. According to the Hadeeth, on one occasion where the Torah was brought to him he didn’t even want to look at it.

Is there a foundation for ethics in a world without God?

Definitions: by God here I mean an eternally existing,
sovereign, Personal Being who created all things, and who is the ultimate
lawgiver and judge of all things.

By ethics  I mean a system of ideas concerned with
defining what is morally “right” and “wrong”. Alternatively, ethics is
concerned with what we “should” or “should not” do.

The question of ethics is important to everyone, because we all live
in a world where we are vulnerable to pain. The actions of others have
the potential to bring us satisfaction, or they can hurt us.


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