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What about Aliens, UFOs, ETs and Government Black Ops?

A friend sent me a link to a youtube video series which one of his acquaintances had sent him – with some guy, Phil Schneider, talking about his experiences working as a geologist and engineer with some of the alleged “underground bases” in the United States. On this video, Mr Schneider makes some outrageous claims concerning the presence of intelligent extra-terrestrial alien life forms that are at work on this planet, co-operating at some level apparently with elements of the US Government and Military to bring in a New World Order.

Could Global Financial Panic be ushering in the Mark of the Beast?

The recent stock market downturn and freezing up of the credit system has sent the world into a tailspin. Fear is on every side – and FEAR it what it takes to get the world to accept power grabs by governments. World leaders are telling us that they need to act in unison to prevent the meltdown of our worldwide financial systems.

It is reported on debkafile the following:

“The only Western leader to address this problem head-on was Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. At a government session in Rome, Oct. 10, he revealed: “The idea of suspending the markets for the time it takes to rewrite new rules is being discussed.” Berlusconi added: “They can’t just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but global.”

“This remark was quickly retracted after a phone call from the White House in Washington, according to our sources, because it opens up the even more problematic question of who is competent to lead the rewriting of the rules. However, the IMF, high priest of the gospel that the market knows best, has already turned around and is calling for more international regulation and oversight on global finance, a further retreat from its basic tenets. ”

Open Letter to Wagner, Joyner from Andrew Strom

-by Andrew Strom.

I write this as a tongues-speaking, Spirit-filled, prophesying

Dear Rick Joyner and C. Peter Wagner,

I will do my utmost to avoid disrespect in this letter. But I cannot avoid the hard questions which must be asked.

I hope my comments here are not construed as “arrogant”. This
is certainly not my intent. But I’m sure you have heard the news by now that the tide has turned in what you call your “Civil War”.

David Wilkerson on “The Gospel of Accommodation”

My wife just pointed out to me one of the most insightful and relevant articles I have ever read. It is from David Wilkerson, a preacher of righteousness whose ministry has stood the test of time. You can view this prophetic warning for the Assemblies of God movement here.

Loose Change – What really happened on September 11?

If you believe the official government story about 9-11, you might enjoy having a look at this video. Unless of course you like to believe that if someone says he prays in the White House, he cannot be evil.

Jesus told us to give to the poor, not to serve Mammon

Dear friends, as I go on in the Christian life, I am coming to appreciate more just how important it is for us to give to the poor. We need to give time, physical resources AND the gospel to the poor. Without giving time, our hearts are not involved.

Lakeland Deception is Serious

Its sad to say folks, but nowadays many of the leaders in the charismatic movement can no longer be trusted. The love of money, influence, fame, power and zany spiritual experiences has, for many of them, overcome the love of truth, integrity – actually the love for the true God. Whether this expresses itself as endorsement for bizarre and unbiblical practices, support for America’s imperial wars of destruction and mayhem, or enthusiasm for Roman Catholic spirituality – the truth is that we are going to have to choose between following Jesus and following these leaders.

Conservative Anglican bishops boycott compromising Archbishop of Canterbury’s conference

I refer to this article which informs us that a signficant number of Anglican bishops are boycotting the Lambeth conference, which is a conference of bishops called by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is traditionally regarded as the leader of the Anglican communion.

How People Become False Prophets

Jesus told us to watch out for false prophets. If they were powerless to deceive born again Christians, I don’t think Jesus would have told us to “take heed”.

In this article, I show how true Christians can become false prophets. The Bible clearly shows that there are men who start off hearing and obeying the LORD God, who end up as soothsayers and destroyers of God’s people.

The New Testament warns us in 2 Peter 2 and the Book of Jude to watch out for arrogant, money loving preachers. Paul warned us against the times when people would heap up teachers who tell them what their itching ears want to hear. You won’t hear too many expositions of these passages on Christian TV today. What a pity, they were never more needed.

Your Money Perish with you!

Simon was a sorcerer who had impressed the people of Samaria with his occultic powers for a long time. But when he heard the gospel and saw the power of God moving through Philip the evangelist – especially in miraculous healing and deliverance from evil spirits, he believed and was baptized. I wish the story had ended there concerning this man, but it does not.


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