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This section of the Christian Faith site is for commentaries on different passages of Scripture.

Its very important to study the Word of God so you can rightly understand it. This needs to be done with humility and dependence upon God. There is also much that can be gained from studying and considering what others have written or said about various passages of the Scripture.

The Trinity – a Bible Study Outline

The word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible. It is the distinctive doctrine of Christian faith. It affirms that there is only one God— the father, Son—the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit.

Understanding the  Trinity
It is a fact that understanding the Trinity is not an easy study.
1. However, it is necessary for us to believe in the Trinity more than understanding the same. If we love God, we will believe all things.
1 Cor.13:7

Can Jesus see your sin?

The gospel promises release from the guilt of sin along with the power to escape sin's tyranny and live a clean life.

The gospel does not promise that you can keep on sinning wilfully and God will not see it.

In the Book of Revelation, it becomes clear that Jesus is fully aware of the sins and weaknesses of people in His churches, as well as their strengths.

Let's look at the seven churches one by one.

The Church in Ephesus

Video – The Three Stages of Christian Maturity

1 John 2:12-14 mentions three stages of Christian maturity. This video explores what these stages are, what they mean, and what God is looking for at each stage.

Video Bible College – Romans 1, Part 3, Ps Peter Earle

Ps Peter Earle continues his teaching on the Book of Romans, where Paul the apostle explains the gospel step by step.

Video Bible College – Romans 1, Part 2, Ps Peter Earle

The second lesson on Romans 1

Video Bible College – Romans 1, Part 1, Ps Peter Earle

We have started a Video Bible College with Ps Peter Earle, pastor of Networx Church in Springwood, Qld.

The Jews Resisted Moses, and Later the Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua)

At the time of the early church, the Jews had by and large become really focussed on their temple and their system of worship with animal sacrifices. Many of them disregarded Jesus who was sent as their Messiah. God got so fed up with the whole thing that He arranged for the Romans to come over in 70 A.D and utterly destroy the Temple. It has never been rebuilt. I call that a strong message from the Lord of Heaven and Earth to the people of Israel about what God does and does not accept by way of religion.

Praising God – what can it do in and for you?


When I was at church yesterday
evening, a word came from the Lord through the pastor’s wife that He
wants us to praise, because those who are worshippers are those who
hear the voice of God. If you want direction from the Lord in any
area of your life, get into praise. This puts you in such a place in
God where you can hear His voice clearer.


In a radical message preached on a mountain in Galilee (Matthew 5,6,7), Jesus gives us the best definition of what is the Kingdom of God. This sermon begins with eight blessings that are invoked on people if they demonstrate particular attitudes. We often call these verses “The Beatitudes” but in calling them by this name, […]

Romans 8:1 – God Life versus Sinful Flesh Life

I would like to make some observations about a very important passage of the Bible, the eighth chapter of Romans. Its really important that we get the meaning of this passage right in our minds, because if you have a wrong view of it, it could destroy you eternally. I’ll come out right away and […]


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