Armor and Protection


From “Catch the Glorious Fire” by Ps Paul Quadros


is very important for us to put on the whole armour of God daily.
(Eph 6:10-18). Not only do we need to confess and pray it, but we
must also live out the armor practically and habitually.


who are in battle are always alert. They have on their armor at all
times to avoid being caught off guard. In the same way, we as
Christians should be alert all the time so that the enemy doesn’t
get an opportunity to attack us. Hence it is very important that we
claim the whole armor of God over our lives.


our victory has already been won on the Cross. We are not fighting
for the victory, but instead to progress from that victory to more
victories. Because the Bible says we are more than conquerors
through Christ Jesus who loves us
(Rom 8:37).


is very important for us to put on the armor of God in order to be
victorious in our battle. When we are careless in this area, it could
lead to causalities in our warfare. To help prevent this from taking
place, God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us.


91 is another powerful psalm for our victory. If we follow the
conditions of this psalm, our protection is guaranteed.


of the conditions are as follows:

  • If
    we dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

  • If
    we say that the Lord is our refuge, and if we make the most high our
    dwelling place.

  • Then,
    the Lord will say, “Because He loves me, and acknowledges My

  • When
    he calls upon me I will answer.


we must not only confess and pray this psalm over our lives, family,
etc., but also meet the conditions of this psalm for our full
protection and victory.


the blood of Jesus is one more powerful weapon against the enemy for
our protection. Remember we are not in survival, but in

has given us the sword to advance forward and not to retreat. Our
feet are fit with preparedness (readiness) that comes from the gospel
of peace (Eph 6:15). God has not given us armor on our back, because
he never intended for us to retreat!


we need to just march forward with the victory that God has already
given us through His Son Jesus Christ who appeared to destroy the
works of the devil. (1 John 3:8). We must remember that we are
not called to be defensive, but offensive


is very important for us to remain in the Spirit at all times if we
want to be effective instruments of prayer and intercession for our
cities and nation. That’s because, if we are not careful the enemy
can bring disturbances, through circumstances, which will cause us to
react and fall into sin. Hence walking in the Spirit and having
priority for his presence, prayer and the Word is very important.
Intimacy with the Lord is the key. Worship, the Word, and warfare
should be in proportion in order to maintain our victory over every
circumstance and to reflect the Christ-like character with the fruit
of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


what the Word of God says in Romans 12:12, “Not only to be faithful
in prayer but also be patient in affliction.”

is easy to be patient when all is well, but to maintain patience in
the midst of adverse circumstances is not easy. So as we begin to get
matured in the Spirit, by learning the art of prayer with obedience,
we will see the great revival and restoration with lasting fruit
(John 15:16). The fruit of the Spirit is also the fruit of making
disciples. As a soldier of Cross, let us be under His glorious fire
and protection equipped with the armor.

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