Some of us have extremely difficult journeys in life and it is comforting to know that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. Jesus has never left me and I continue on my path to serve and to declare the gospel. Healed of Lupus in 2002 I rejoiced that a life threatening illness had gone after much prayer. It was the only thing at the time after ten years of suffering with this illness that could have taken me out of this world and away from my children. While I had this illness I was asked by a mother if I would pray with her and hear her confession so her peace could be made with God, she too had Lupus but this lady was near death, her time had come, leaving her four children behind. We both went to the chapel within the hospital and sang songs in tongues, what a precious moment that was. With her soul at peace with God she was ready to leave this world. I was truly humbled. And still the battle continues because no sooner had Lupus left me, Fibromyalgia came in the same year, and since then arthritis, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and a benign tumour removed from my saliva gland. My body has been in daily pain with chronic fatigue and a serious sleep disorder since Lupus left in 2002. Why I asked God is this happening. I went through a spiritual check list, 1. have I confessed all known sin. 2. prayed that God should reveal any hidden sin. 3. proclaimed the word of God over my sickness. 4. Used my faith to counteract what was happening, we have all been given a degree of faith, right? 4. did spiritual warfare against the enemy. 5. Praised God in the midst of the storm. yet the battle continues. It says in God’s word Peace crushes the head of Satan, I decided to be at peace. I went to bed and woke up with the words, ‘the battle belongs to the Lord. I asked God to speak to me in my dreams if necessary. God did.God said, ‘you are under a test of faith’. Are you sick or feeling as if you are under a test of faith? let me share this with you, Jesus is the same today, yesterday and for ever, he loves you. God does not send sickness. God is pure, holy and good. But when your prayer is delayed for whatever reason, and you have done all that you can to stand, be at peace, wait and pray, trusting that God has hold of it all, and that God especially has hold of you. I may still have battles but nothing can separate me from the love of Christ, right now after completing my book while living with Fibromyalgia I thank and praise God for his strength is made perfect in my weakness. The plan now is to seek further, delve deeper, study the word and persevere, you see God loves it when his children see with the eyes of faith and trust in the word of God, it is a source of life and healing, it is medicine to our flesh. I will not let pain be my dictator, God must be the center of my life, so on that note, let me encourage anyone who is sick, because I too am sick, do not give up, do not stop praying, keep your eyes fixed on the perfecter of your faith, and remain in peace, peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus wants you to bear much fruit and have spiritual life in abundance. Let the Lord fight your battle and trust him. God BLess, DEBZ.

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