Are you a Blue or a Grey?

This is the question that will determine your position in the latest schism within the Charismatic church.
To put it another way, do you welcome the “New move” of God with its strange fire, and unusual manifestations of the “spirit”?
Or are you cautious about such things, wanting to back up such Signs and wonders with scripture?
Is your spirit telling you to beware, or will you jump headlong into the “river”?
Blues represent spiritual openness, enlightenment, and oneness.
Whereas the Greys are, old wineskins, legalists, those who wanted to keep God in a box.

The division which is emerging around us at this present time was “prophesied” by one of the leading figures in the charismatic movement who described a civil war between blues and greys.
Another major Charismatic figure went one step further and has implied that God will have to deal with the Greys who resist the “new move of the spirit”, and that it might be necessary for the Blues to help Him due to that fact that they would not go willingly.
Basically the idea is that those who do not adhere to the “new things” that God is doing will be forcibly removed.

This sounds strangely reminiscent of the claims made by Constance Cumbey in her 1982 book exposing the “New Age” conspiracy, “The hidden dangers of the rainbow”.
Constance’s research revealed that the architects of the New Age, were thinking along the very same lines. That resistance to the global emergence of the one world religion would be dealt with, forcibly if necessary.
This resistance would come from the world’s monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. And the goal of the modern new age movement is even to use the weapons that have been surrendered in the forthcoming global peace treaty, against those stubborn resisters. Of course within the ranks of monotheistic faiths there will be those who will be open to the “New things of God”. It is the fundamentalists who will be out on a limb and targeted for removal.

Is there any reconciliation possible between the Blues and Greys? I hope so because families of Christians are being ripped apart because of their standing on these issues.
Is this the literal fulfilment of Jesus’ words “brother will betray brother unto death”? Matthew 10:21
Unfortunately there may be no turning away from such entrenched positions.
Tribulation may come upon the Greys from those who were previously considered “brethren”
Many Charismatic leaders have forged alliances with policy committees who are openly promoting a New World Order and the danger of such associations, are greater than we might realise.

King Omri (1 Kings 16:16-28) created a biblical model of religious tolerance. His organisation of government was so radical that Israel became known as the “House of Omri”
Omri’s associations with Ethbal of Tyre and Sidon, led to the marriage of His son Ahab, to Jezebel, Ethbal’s daughter. Temples of Baal were built in Isreal and Jezebel attempted to wipe out the prophets, not only this but almost all of the House of David was murdered by Omri’s granddaughter Athaliah
The bloodline of Jesus would have been cut off if it was not for the efforts of Had Jehosheba, the daughter of King Jehoram, who hid Joash for six years.

The current situation has the potential to be every bit as serious. Pray much and let the love and power of Jesus be your calling card friends.

God bless,

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