Are Evil Spirits Real

If you walk in the flesh then yes they can become part of you. My first encounter with the Holy Spirit was thirty seven years ago. In a dream I saw a crystal clear spring swirling counterclockwise inside a small building. I was in Spain visiting my father/mother-in-laws. My wife and I decided to travel to Barcelona and on the way I passed a small group of buildings at the foot of a hillside. I told her that the spring in my dream was there somewhere but I’d of course never seen this place before. The desire to search for the spring was very strong and I decided to venture closer and look for the spring. The large building had nothing inside and there was a creek that flowed almost underneath the building. I crossed the creek to a smaller building and opened the door. Inside was a spring with crystal clear water swirling counterclockwise. I’d found what I’d seen in the dream. Recently I was strolling through a graveyard and felt the spirits presence within. I turned and asked what are you still doing here? For some reason the spirit was restless. Later after receiving the Holy Spirit, I revisited the graveyard hoping to provide comfort to those in need. While traveling to Sight and Sound Theaters in Lancaster, PA, the energy from a friend was so strong that I actually enjoyed its presence. It was the Holy Spirit and after seeing the show of Joseph and while on the outside of this theater the Holy Spirit came into my flesh and the evil spirit left taking with it the lusts of the flesh and other things as well. My earthly flesh had been held bondage for years without me knowing it until I was freed by the Holy Spirit. So if you think you’re held bondage by evil spirits, it may be true but first explore the difference between walking in the flesh and walking in the flesh with an evil spirit. There is a difference, and if you do have an evil spirit ask God to take you out of bondage by prayer and fasting. Afterwards put on all your armour, The Holy Spirit.

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