Anyone knows how to interpret dreams?

Anyone knows how to interpret dreams OR any website I can go through? I do not want to end up with some gypsy sites and if this dream means anything, I would like to understand it the biblical way.

I had a dream just now and it is still fresh on my mind. The part that I recall was someone was holding a snake, a girl to be specific. It was a 4 headed snakes with 2 heads from both end. I told the girl I do not like snakes and would like to stay away. So I walked off.

I came to a scene that 2 little children were trying pour water on the ground and they seem to have difficulties. I approached them and asked what were they doing and if they needed help. They told me that the land which was 2 metres away was on fire and they were trying to put it off. So I helped. Then a man approached me and asked what were I doing. I explained I was trying to help the 2 children.

The man told me not to do it and have a good look at the so called piece of land. I had a closer look. I saw some burning incenses (joss sticks) and the one area of the land looked like grave to me (without a tomb). The man told me that I will wake the elephant up. I did not understand but I stopped what I was doing.

Suddenly a baby elephant arose from the ground and everyone was running to save themselves. The scene suddenly turned into a flood scene without rain pouring from above. Everyone just ran and ran and ran.

I quickly grab my car and drove off. The last part was I was walking on the street and saw my husband. He asked,’Where were you, I am so worried and you did not even call me!’. A friend was there and asked why I did not call my husband to tell him where I was since it is so late at night. I showed her my phone that I did call but did not get through. And I woke up.

The part that really disturb me were the 4 headed snake, elephant and flood.

Does anyone has any idea what does this mean?

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