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I thought it good to answer on this website to some good questions that someone recently wrote:

I am a young person, who is currently confused. I have not been brought up in a particularly religious household so I do not have a certain religion that I follow, so to speak. I have friends from a variety of religious backgrounds who are all telling me about their own religion. My grandparents are Christians but parents are Pagan.

I was wondering what was it that made you certain there is, as you say an ‘Almighty God’. Have you never thought that it is a load of rubbish?

I never really thought this because before doubt could get too deeply entrenched in me, I saw and experienced the power of God in my life. But before this, I carefully considered the evidence that Jesus Christ rose physically from the dead. It is the powerful evidence for THIS that validates everything else in the Christian faith, including the teaching of an Almighty God.

If Jesus really rose from the dead physically, and it is historical fact, then everything else he taught, and especially his ability to keep the written record of his own teaching straight in the future, should be strongly considered as believable.

I do disagree with a large majority of Christian beliefs and I am just trying to explore the different religions.
Why is it that Paganism is frowned upon and almost hidden completely from everyday life, where as Christianity is paraded around? Why is it hushed up, as sex is to young children? Paganism has been around for ages, even
before Christianity, and a lot of Christian celebrations bare uncanny similarity to Pagan celebrations for example Yule and Christmas are very similar.

I don’t know where you live but what you say does not apply so much today. Pagans everywhere are parading their beliefs without shame in the supermarkets, in the health food stores, on TV programmes – everywhere.

Historically Christianity has been more respectable and has centuries of influence in western culture but this is under attack. Pagans have tended to keep their religion more to themselves historically as they believe in occult practices such as casting spells and people have considered that witchcraft, if true, is more a force for evil than for good. This belief is based on centuries of experience. The resurgence of witchcraft under belief systems like Wicca has only been a phenomenon of the last few decades and people have not yet had a chance to fully taste the fruit of it, so they might believe it is really quite good after all.

There were times in history where the spiritual power of the gospel overturned the prevailing belief in polytheism and various forms of paganism and witchcraft. In the Middle Ages no doubt the Roman Catholic church violently suppressed the practices of paganism where it had the power to do so and strongly influenced public opinion in a way it is not able to do today.

The truth about something has nothing to do with how popular it is though. Today, ask around, and I think you will find that there are more people in the west who believe in reincarnation than in resurrection and eternal judgment. That doesn’t make it right, any more than a public acceptance of Christianity in some places would make it true.

Christmas and other traditional celebrations HAVE borrowed from paganism. These celebrations are now cultural opportunities for Christians to get their message out but the special days actually have no place in the New Testament. These were adaptations of the Catholic/Orthodox church around the time that Christianity became fashionable in the Roman Empire. Early Christians did not practice them as far as we know.

What is it that has made you certain that the Bible is telling the truth and that it is not just another book.

Please read the apologetics section of this website and the big issues section for partial answers to this. It hinges on the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually.

Also, isn’t history always written by the victors? So surely the Bible is biased in parts. The new testament was written by men, who had effectively ‘won’ so surely they would want to write something which would show them and their beliefs in the best way possible, hiding flaws.

At the time of writing the New Testament, the apostles were all persecuted, and almost all of them ended up dying violent deaths. Christianity had grown but not to the point of becoming politically powerful.

The Bible contradicts so much of the Roman Catholic church teaching and practice that it cannot be argued that the Roman Catholic church changed the Bible to make THEM look good. This fact is actually a powerful reason to believe in the integrity of the Bible. I would have changed it in many places if I was a Catholic pope with the power to do that.

One final question if the world was created by one God, then why is it that some of the people in the God’s world do not believe in God, or they believe in something different which challenges what that God want people
to believe. If God will only save those who believe then surely that shows an aspect of favouritism, but how is that possible if God loves all equally? I find some parts of the Bible quite contradictory.

Thank You for taking your time out to read this

Alice, God DOES treat people differently depending on how they respond to the things He reveals. God DOES love some people MORE than others for this very reason! Daniel was considered a man “greatly beloved” by God because he set his face to seek God and do the right thing even in the powerful polytheistic culture of Babylon.

The favor of God comes on those who seek Him with a true heart. The Bible says that to come to God you must believe that “He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him”.
(Hebrews 11:6)

Not believing God’s word or revelation is the same as calling God a liar. God speaks to everyone at some level. Those who respond positively, though they never heard about Jesus, will always be introduced to more truth until they have a chance to accept or reject Jesus Christ. Jesus is the true light which coming into the world, enlightens every man (John 1:9).

Hope that all helps a bit in your quest for understanding.

God bless you.


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  1. RoyalFire says:

    First, I hope I am placing this comment in the correct “spot”. I am a bit confused with the organization of this site – so many “topics” and “posts” and “blogs” and “forums” and “comments” that I am not sure where this needs to go…..

    Anyway, he is 16 and raised by his mom – who has basically lived a life where her own hormones and desires were on the alter rather than God.

    He is now living with my husband and I and as we try to discipline him, I am baffled as to how to explain things to him.

    For example: He will talk back using the most horrendous language, and when I tell him that “word” is not acceptable in my home, his reply is “what is wrong with that word – its just a body part”.

    When I tell him that he owes me an apology for being disrespectful, he says that he does not feel he has been disrespectful and that it is simply my opinion vs. his, and therefore, he does not feel he owes me an apology.

    He feels that his language, desire to use drugs, listen to “juggalo” music – some radical gangster type of music that I just learned about – his desire to have sex, or watch horror or satanic movies in our home….etc. whenever I tell him that all of that is not allowed while living under our roof, he asks why and I tell him that all of this is wrong and bad….and his reply is that those are “my standards, not his, and should not be imposed on him because he has an entirely different belief system”…..(incidentally, at this point in time, my husband is doing very little in the way of discipline….he has lost his son once, and is afraid to do so again….and I realize this is an entirely different can of worms, so I truly am not seeking counsel on this issue…but rather the one related to not understanding how to deal with someone under my roof who does not believe in God)

    Whenever I try to show him in the Bible that it is true because of prophecies that were predicted hundred of years prior and then coming to pass, he simply ignores me and says that he does not believe any of the Bible…..

    It is simply unbelieveable to me! I know how to minister to hurting people, and humble people, and broken people, but I simply do not understand someone that simply does not believe in the existence of my Lord. I knew that I knew that I knew Him when I was a wee child!!!! When I was that young I did not know him as “Jesus”, but I already felt His presence in my life!

    I may not understand all things, but in my life, I have never questioned the existence of God because God is SPIRIT and I know Him in Spirit and in Truth….to require proof based on touch, taste, feel, sight and sound is extremely shallow to me when we are talking about Almighty God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Who was and Is and Is to Come and is Spirit and Truth…..

    I also implore those of you who are reading this and are athiests or agnostics or anything other than Christians to please respect my request not to reply. The purpose of this Post is not to debate my beliefs, but rather, to get some wise counsel from CHRISTIAN parents who may be able to impart that wisdom to me in how to deal with someone living under my roof but not obeying my rules due to their lack of morals, ethics, etc……

    Thank you,

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      A mixed up teanager is a hard place, as to make him believe its impossible,only the call of God can fix it, my suggestions may not fit for you,but I would and will now if nessasary,give mine a choice,bad language ,devil music,drugs or alcohol, will not be in my house,period! my kids,now are grown but 1 lives with me,he is 26,never married,he will say,as I tell you ,my way or hit the door! I love my kids and I would take a bullet for them without a thought,but this is my rules

      • RoyalFire says:

        Thank you for your reply to me about my new stepson……I feel very similar to you in that it is my house, and these are my rules, and obey or get out……Unfortunately, it is not that clear cut…..

        He has been raised by his mother in a very ungodly way, and God is telling me in my spirit that I have an opportunity to plant some seeds in this young man, if I will just submit to God in this situation. God is speaking to my Spirit that this boy’s eternal soul is at stake here, so while I would love to “kick him out” when he is rude, etc., God is telling me that I have to be part of the solution, rather than one more person in his life that fails to teach him right from wrong.

        In the Book of Ezekiel, the Prophet was instructed by the Lord to speak the TRUTH to the people….what the people did with that truth was their choice….as it is with this young boy. But once Ezekiel spoke truth and obeyed God, the blood was no longer on his hands.

        Once I teach truths to this boy, and once he becomes an adult, if he chooses to walk in the Ways of the Lord, then I praise God!…..and if he chooses his “old ways”, then the blood is no longer on my hands and I can go in peace knowing that I did what I was supposed to do, understanding that his very soul “may” depend on it.

        But believe me, every day is a battle, because I truly would love to say “hit the door” 🙂

        Blessings to you,

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          I don;t mean to make it sound cold or easy, I had a step dad at the age of 14,and I gave him a hard time,I even posted a small part on this site, my mother couldn;t handle me and he couldnt either,but the rules were if I came in drunk and I did, he would say just go to your room and say nothing,its a long story,but he always was good to me,but it was clear if I was to cut up .do it some where else,few years ago he died,but that man’s kindness ,yet set of rules together,I will never forget and forever will I love that old man, I was a stepson from hell also,

          • RoyalFire says:

            Oh, in no way did I take it as you sounding “cold or that this was easy”!!! Believe me, I would love to just say “hit the door” many, many times over the last 2 months that he has lived with us!!!….Especially when he watches horror movies or listens to his demonic music…..My home has always been a precious place where the Holy Spirit dwells and it grieves my spirit to think what this child is bringing in…..But I also believe that what the enemy means for evil, the Lord will turn to good! If I persevere, with open eyes, wisdom and discernment, and an obedient heart to the Lord, then I believe that this child’s heart will “possibly” stay open. If I kick him out, then he will just walk away hurt and abandoned at 16, believing that Christians are hypocrites, and even worse, he will close up to God. So I am just trying to be obedient to what I am hearing the Lord whisper to me….

            Blessings to you,

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            While he is not home,plant prayer cloths or bibles in his room or under the bed ,in the pillow case,whatever,don;t tell him ,believe me ,this is powerful faith,something will give,and watch the Lord handle it in a way that serves you best

          • RoyalFire says:

            Yes, this is an excellent idea – I know the power of this. I will place an Open Bible in his closet behind some things…and prayer cloths inside his pillow cases…..where his “mind” is…..also will continue to annoint our home and his room.

            Thank you and May God Bless you and your family always!

          • RoyalFire says:

            Also, it is neat to see that you were a “challenging stepson” and yet now that you are older, you have not departed from God…..sounds like your stepfather was a good man that “raised you up in the ways of the Lord”.

            Thank you for sharing.

    • I have questions? How ols is this step Son? Are you & your husband discussing this because it doesn’t sound like you Are United. For one thing. This stepson knows he is bugging you. Next he thinks you will leave if nothing changes or that your spouse will get tired of your complaints & leave you. It is him testing the waters. I would suggest getting Family counseling. Have You ever tried to Not respond. Because you care but he doesn’t see that. He sees you making rules in his dads house not your House. It is your home but it is also his maybe you could sit down and let him know that you are not an enemy & that you didn’t mean to make him feel like you were against him. Let him know that yes his language does bother you but he doesn’t. That you were raised believing that only those of simple minds swear. Ask him to kindly not to use it infront of you and that you will not push what you believe on him. You can still pray for him & don’t worry because God works in mysterious ways. But the more you say to him on the subject, the more he will do it on purpose. PeAce in your home is what you desire. Well trust in the lord & you be the peacemaker. Ok. I will put him in prayer. Also. Do not bring your spouse in to this. He is not going to stand with you if he hasn’t so far. Allow Jesus to work his ways in your life & your spouse will see the shine of his light in you & your home and earn a greater respect for you. But be patient & slow to anger. For you love your spouse & so you Love his son. Ok. Your sis in Christ Jesus. Annette

      • RoyalFire says:

        Hi Annette, thank you for your reply, comments and advice. He is 16 and yes, actually, my hubby is starting to come around in terms of supporting me…..I think for him it is a matter of finding out how best to support me – remain in unity with me, and simultaneously communicate his love to his son. The home was mine before my hubby and I married, and we were married for 4 years before his son came to live with us… his son is the one that is new to the house, not me. I have never been a mom before, so going from “0” to a 16 year old is brand new to me. Thank you for your prayers! I especially ask that you pray for Godly Wisdom for me.

        Blessings to you,

  2. My walk in christ (for real) has only began 3months ago. I was a back slidden Christian and because of what God had shown me through tough circumstances I realised that God is the only WAY, TRUTH and LIGHT and clearly wanted me to know this but in the right time, perfect time for Him. I grew up in Christ but as I got older needed to see what life was like in “the world”, and boy did I see. Anyway to cut a very interesting story short for now, I’ll explain more later but all I wanted to say was that God is Real, He is Perfect, He knows our whole lives before we get to know and all He wants us to do is realise this, but would our faith in Him be strong if He made the decision for us and we were told to just believe without making our own decision, no! He gives each one of us our own mind to make up but waits for the day we finally realise He exists and He loves us, Then only can we show REAL faith and LOVE for HIM. Once this happens does He begin to show His grace, compassion, mercy and purpose for our lives. GOD is GOOD and His plan for us in this life is to have an abundant one but this can ONLY be achieved TRUELY through Him. I speak from personal experiance, our only testimony sometimes can be how God has worked in our lives and through circumstances to show us how much He truely loves us. I now share mine wherever I go and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

    Great response Michael to questions posted by Alice, if there is a question, the answer will be in the bible. This is a fact and one thing too all who are unsure or dont believe, if you don’t know Christ, you don’t know what He can do and therefore need to give Him a chance to come into your life and show you or you will never know and therefore will forever remain scheptical and will always kick Christianity down because you simply just don’t know. Questions are good to ask but becareful you don’t question yourself out of the abundant life JESUS wants you to live, wouldn’t that be something to regret!

    To all have a supa day, keep smiling and God bless you.

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