And Then There Was LAZARUS

Throughout my life, I have heard comments regarding the recently departed such as “he is in a better place now” , “she is with God in Heaven” , “she is reunited with her husband now “. There is also an incredible wealth of articles, books, etc on afterlife experiences and “the light” for example.

It seems to me that since “man” has inhabited the earth, we have been on an insatiable quest for some validation of our “immortality” through God. So, we read the articles , talk to ministers and the like for answers
And then there was LAZARUS …… Now here is a very well and precisely documented account of a man who was raised from the dead by none other than Jesus Himself ! This is my delima. If “man” is so focused on the afterlife, don’t you think it reasonable to assume that at least a few of the people who lived with Lazarus would have had the sense and curiousity to ask a man who they know for sure has been “there” and come back to life “WHAT WAS IT LIKE ?”. Did you see God ? Did God allow you to come back at the request of His only Son Jesus Christ ? Did you feel like a mortal or were you a spirit ? Did you see anyone you knew ? Did you actually WANT to come back ?

It seems to me that if anyone had asked Lazarus, he would have answered freely and we would have known since that time what awaits us on the other side. Lazarus would most assuredly get asked those questions, and many more, in today’s world. It doesn’t seem even logical that the people of the time of Lazarus were any less curious than we are.

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