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I heard a report from a friend of mine about John Mellor, an Australian evangelist powerfully used today in healing the sick. I think this is the second time I heard of this man in the last week from two different friends of mine, so I went to check out this website about the healing ministry God gave him. Those of you who are Australians know how few evangelists have survived in this country, and how hard it is to find a man of God who really moves in this realm with a pure heart. So we can weep for joy that finally God has raised up another powerful healing ministry in Australia. I think we Australians should pray for this man and bless him.

There are some healing testimonies with photos on his site so I refer you to them also to encourage your faith.

Apparently John has been featured on Australian TV and I’m told many are reporting good things back to the TV producers.

If you ever read this John may God bless you and fill your heart with joy as God is bringing joy through you also to so many. God bless the evangelists in our country Australia!

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  1. He is distributing DVDs and books to teach people how to go about and where did he started with God. I contacted His PA, Sister Malin and I will send Her some contribution for costs of production and shipping to my beautiful country and I know those DVDs and books will take me to another level in the Ministry.
    There is another prophetic Pastor called Dr. Rajan Thiagrajah, of Mighty Living water.He is great man of God. He comes many times in our country and real God is using Him mightily and I have witnessed. He provides also free downloads of mp3 sermons.Please go and download and listen then Judge what i say.
    You can get His books about Holy Spirit ,Blood of Jesus etc
    here is his site:
    God Bless you!
    Ev. Steve

  2. One week ago I had the privilege of hearing John Mellor and watching him minister to the sick at a place called Russell Island, which is a small island not far from Brisbane, Australia.

    Though the meetings were not large, with perhaps 60-80 people in attendance, there were significant healings. One lady who was healed of two or three terminal incurable diseases testified how she had come to the island to die. She had to be taken in a wheelchair. But she was miraculously healed, and the next day, to the amazement of her atheist boyfriend, was even able to climb up and down stairs unaided. A lot of others were touched by God and healed.

    A blind yachtsman, a winner of disabled sportsman’s awards at a national and international level, has also been healed through John’s ministry. He was totally blind and now can see fine.

    I saw and heard a lot more than this, but I just want to say this much to encourage readers to believe that Jesus is the same today, and will work miracles if we depend on Him. Glory be to God.

    • Rev Michael , it is great to learn that you were witness to amazing miracles in the meetings with John Mellor.
      It is wonderful to see that the Lord is well , alive and present in the midst of us; else these miracles would not happen.
      I recently heard a preacher say
      that revival will come only vide
      miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
      It is great to see you publish
      about real miracles on the site;
      coz most the Christians I meet here in India , believe that miracles only used to happen 2000 years ago ,
      and that now it is a real and rational world governed by the laws of physics and common sense.

      and keep up the good work.
      Look forward to more such articles
      on your site.

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