An apology and a greeting!

May peace be unto you,
I made a great error the last time I was here… I professed the Name YAH and Yahoshua ha Messhiahc as if the names were not attributed to God and the begotten Son of God. While I hold that there are great differences between what most people believe versus what a few people like myself believe, I accept that I was wrong to get knowledge so high up that it led me astray from the simple truth that is in the Messiah. That Yahoshua must be believed on as the Son of God. The world we live in has many gods. But in both the Holy Bible and the Apochrypha and other texts. YAH is called God of the gods and Most High God. The adversary is very tricky and people like myself who dont have many true believers to constantly fellowship with and many family members or many friends can long to be where there are like minds. But not all minds are truly alike and the Scripture says that people will have to be undone (the afflicting people) before all can worship on one accord. I do not forsake any of you for being Christian or whatever you believe and I ask that since I did not accept where I was wrong at at first that I will not be deemed unworthy in your sight as a weak person or utter fool.

I believe things that many people will not agree with but I accept that the last time I was here under the name “from the wind” and I told people to call me M-I-S-H-A-Y-L with a “Y” I made a big mistake. I was in error because I have always been taught to look for the big lie with a little truth. But now I know that someone can tell a discreet lie with what seems like a spring of pure knowledge. Just because a prophet tells you something and it actually happens it does not make him a true prophet if he has done so in a being who is not the God of Israel he should not be accepted. I ask that you can accept me as a believer in the Word of God and please be willing to hear the things I have to say in the near future. At least to consider them if not to accept them. Thank the Most High God for His grace! For truly pride goes before the fall. But the righteous man can get up 7 times again while the wicked man will not get up at all!

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  1. Hello, I have read your post & ithink you want to learn and that is always welcome by me. I feel you are reading the bible & that is wonderful. I also know that people are healed in the name of Jesus or yeshuah or jesus’ God truely knows our heart and if our heart is seeking his son who was perfect from birth and to died on the cross for everyones sins and then on the third day Rose from tHe grave than he knows that that is the one you worship in your heart and are truely his servent. I do feel that you have a Great deal To learn and there are many on here who will be eager to teach you. You do not need an apocrypha for it was not put in the bible for a reason. However, I am still learning with the Lord & I am not perfected till I am called home. Just please remember to listen with your heart, and realize that Faith comes by Hearing & hearing by the Word of God (Jesus) st. John tells you Jesus is Gods word. I will let you choose whom to talk to online, but I love fellowship & would be happy to see you on the site, with love in Christ Jesus, Annette

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