An animal issue that we all may struggle with at some point…

I had bought a bunny at an auction almost 6 years ago that turned out to be one of my best friends and a real comfort to me. Over those six years, she had settled in with two dogs, three different cats, and two other bunnies. She was really gentle, for the most part, and friendly. I watched them all play, eat, and lay with each other. 🙂 Picture a big, tall lab eating hay or bunny pellets or whatever next to a bunny who is eating hay, herself, it was strange. Even stranger than this, both are dogs are trained to hunt birds and small game. Our cats, who we all know love to bring in dead rodents, birds and other animals, would chase them around the room and then be chased around the room by the bunnies, and just all sorts of things. It was and is an incredible site.

When I had got her, there was the issue of a name, and after we found out just what sex she was, her name became Faith. For the first few years I was without Christ and therefore had no perception to anything eternal and true. After coming home from prison and settling back in at home, I began to notice things that went beyond the natural. It was interesting, really. God was showing me that her name was not a coincidence and that there was more to even this than what meets the eye. Even today, I realize that according to Gen 2, God made the animals and brought them to Adam to see if any of them could be suitable for a true companion. Of course we know that none were and that man needed woman, and so came Eve. However, I can see from reading throughout the creation account and other passages that animals were created for us in a way that goes beyond “basic instincts,” they were made to be with us, help us with our needs, comfort us, and so much that we all have experienced ourselves. I’ve realized that this bunny of mine was to me what dogs and cats are to most people, a loyal friend that I could enjoy spending time with and a part of my family.

Last night she died in her condo and so today has been very rough for my mom and I. Its not the first loss for my mom, but it is for me, so I’m finding just how much I poured into her and how attached I became. I know that things will get better very soon, and there is much more to look at and forward to.

However, can I ask you all to lift us all in prayer that during this grieving period we can make wise choices and receive the healing that is in Christ? All day I remember how Jesus wept over Lazarus and how much love he had for him. I’ve also been thinking of how I loved and cared for this mere rabbit, and yet I feel close to nothing for all those people that are dying and on their way to hell all around me. It shouldn’t be so!

Another question I have, that maybe some of you have already studied into a bit before, why did God make animals of such close relation to us and is it just vain and temporary or does it play on into eternity somehow?

What do YOU think?



  1. Jess ((hug))

    Your Bunny was near and dear to you and off course we all grieve when we lose an animal or a person we love. Sorry that you had to lose Faith. The Lord knows your grief and I pray He will comfort you.

    I hope that you are already feeling less sad as I post this today.

    It’s hard to be parted from the ones we love. An unfortunate part of the FALL is being separated by death. One day soon we will all be in Heaven and then there will be no more sorrow.

    Praise God you had your Bunny for this time on Earth and she was a source of comfort and joy while you had her company. Amen

  2. Freak4Jesus15 says:

    hey jesse i am so sorry. It must be really hard to loose a true companion.

  3. lookinforacity says:


    Lord Jesus, give solace to Jess, and his family as they feel the loss of this their friend. Most of us have felt what they are feeling today, it touches at the core of our humanity, our inner child.
    Who would mourn the loss of a mere animal but a child, that is the connection you have given us with our pets.
    More than anything they become to each of us, our most treasured confidant, the only one to whom we can confide our deepest feelings. They never judge or, laugh at us, they are always there, ready to give us the unconditional love that we seek, someone that will listen to us when no one else listens.When we are at our happiest, and when we are at our lowest.
    This is a time that Jess, is unable to share his feelings of loss, crying with his friend, because his friend is that loss.
    Lord we thank you for the time we have with these friends, these creatures that help us cope with our lives.


  4. Timothy Luke says:

    Sorry for your loss Jesse,

    Now that you mention it, a thought comes to mind. Perhaps, knowing how the hearts of men would be hardened, God made animals to help us see His love for us and as a means of expressing His heart for us when those around us tune out. This helps us hold onto our hope in Him and eternity.

    You are right. “it shouldn’t be so!” Perhaps we need to use our love of animals to show us how to aim higher in our relationships around us and to help us reach out to the world more readily.

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